Elon, the 10th Judge of Israel | Meaning of Elon | A Time of Peace and Hope

Elon was the 10th judge of Israel, and though very little is known about his lifetime, the length of his leadership, his tribe, and his death are recorded in the Bible. He was from the tribe of Zebulun, who led Israel for ten years (1075 to 1065 B.C.). He was buried in Aijalon, an ancestral town in the land of the Zebulunities, after his death (Judges 12:11–12). His reign followed the rule of Ibzan and was succeeded by the governance of Abdon.

Elon is perhaps the most unknown judge in the Scriptures. It is not known whether His role as a judge included any military campaigns or if it was a period of peace for the Israelites.

According to some research scholars, Elon was one of the judges of Israel who shaped the society’s structures and functions during the time of their rule as they were not challenged with military conflicts and were only civil judges. Elon is considered a wise and fair judge who endeavored to maintain a peaceful and happy state, ensuring justice to the people of the land with his knowledge and ability. However, his name is not connected with any historical exploits.

The Meaning of Elon

The meaning of Elon is either “oak tree,” “terebinth tree,” or “strong.” It is a male first name or surname, and the variants of this name include Eilan, Alon, Eilon, and Elan. The names of Elon, Tola, Jair, Abdon, and Ibzan, who were the minor judges, appear to be the names of their clans.

Meaning of Judge in the Bible

The Hebrew word “shofet” or “shaphat” translated into English as “judge” has a much wider range of meanings, including to govern, to decide, to exonerate, and to save/deliver. It is closer in meaning to “ruler” rather than the role of a traditional judge who carries out judicial functions.

elon, meaning of elon

The judges in the bible were raised by God Almighty to lead a trespassing and remorseful people to victory over their foes and restoration of a right relationship with Him. The judges of the nation of Israel led the country during a very tumultuous and unpredictable period in the history of the chosen people of God.

Our series on Bible heroes, who trusted God in the middle of difficult times, were powerfully used by the Almighty despite their faults and failings, will inspire you to believe the Supreme Being for the impossible.

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