Best Bible Reading Plan for Beginners — 30 Days with Jesus Christ

30 Days with Jesus is a Bible reading plan for beginners that will you lead through the Scriptures on a journey to understand our Lord and Savior and be fully transformed by His presence and power.

This Bible reading plan for beginners explores the greatest story ever told. It takes a detailed walk through the life of Jesus Christ in 30 days. Each day in this Bible reading plan for beginners includes a biblical reference to read and starts with the Old Testament’s prophesies foretelling the coming of Christ, His ministry on earth, His teachings, and culminates in His death and resurrection.

This Bible reading plan for beginners will enable you to read through the varied perspectives of the four Gospel writers regarding the events surrounding the life of Jesus. The life of Christ shows us the eternal love of God and how the Almighty devised a rescue plan through the sacrifice of His beloved Son to restore our broken relationship with Him. This Bible reading plan for beginners will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of Christ and His role as your personal Savior and God. We should strive to follow His path and emulate the high standards set by Him. Discover Jesus and let your life be radically changed by Him.

Bible Reading Plan for Beginners | Spending Time with Jesus

DayThe Big IdeaBible Passage (s)
1The Promise (Jesus Foretold)Isaiah 53
2The Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18–25
3John the Baptist Prepares the Way and Baptizes JesusMatthew 3:1-4; Matthew 3:11-17
4The First Miracle (Water to Wine) and an Unlikely Conversation (the Samaritan Woman)John 2:1–11; John 4:1–26
5Jesus Rejected in his HometownLuke 4:14–30
6Jesus Calls His First Followers (Disciples)Luke 5:1–11; Matthew 9:9–13
7Sermon on the Mount of OlivesLuke 6:17–46
8A Centurion, a Widow’s Son, and a Sinful WomanMatthew 8:5–13; Luke 7:11–17; Luke 7:36–50
9Jesus and Religious Leaders (Encounters With the Pharisees)Matthew 12:1–13; Matthew 12:22–45
10Parable of the Sower, Weeds, and SeedsMatthew 13:1–43
11Jesus Calms the Storm and Later Walks on WaterLuke 8:22–25; Mark 6:45–51
12Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man, Raises a Dead Girl, and Heals a Sick WomanMark 5:1–43
13Feeding More than 5,000 peopleJohn 6:1–14
14Peter Identifies the Real Savior (Christ the Messiah) and the TransfigurationLuke 9:18–20; Matthew 17:1–8
15Healing by FaithMark 9: 14–29
16Teachings and ParablesMatthew Chapters 5,7,9, 13,18; Mark Chapters 2, 4; and Luke 5,7,8,10,11
17Teachings and Parables (Part 2)Matthew Chapters 20,21,22,24,25; Mark Chapters 12, 13; and Luke 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21
18The Rich Young RulerMark 10:17–31
19The Disciples are Sent Out by JesusLuke 10:1–24
20The Good SamaritanLuke 10:25–37
21Jesus Teaches How to PrayLuke 11:1–13
22Jesus Raises Lazarus From the DeadJohn 11:1–44
23Jesus Comes to JerusalemMatthew 21:1–27
24The Last SupperJohn 13:1–17; Matthew 26:17–35
25Comfort is Promised to the DisciplesJohn 14 and John 15
26Jesus is Arrested and DisownedMatthew 26:36–75
27The Trial of JesusJohn 18 and John 19: 1–16
28Jesus’ Crucifixion and DeathJohn 19:17–42
29Jesus’ Resurrection and AppearancesJohn 20 and John 21
30The Great Commission and the Ascension of Jesus (Returns to Heaven)Matthew 28:16–20; Luke 24:50–53
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Our collection of practical and simple Bible reading plans will help guide you through the study of God’s word and empower you in your pursuit to know and apply the Scriptures in every area of your life.


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