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Explore the 110-Day Old Testament Bible Study Plan for Teens and be inspired by the timeless wisdom of the Holy Bible.

This Bible Study Plan is for teenagers who are carefree souls and who try to experience the world through all the senses. Some individuals argue that most people’s happiest years are their adolescent years, as they are smart, humorous, wisecracking, in touch with their emotions, exploring, making mistakes quickly, and learning from them at their own pace in their teen years.

According to the Bible, God-fearing teenagers are described as youths without blemishes, handsome and skilled in every wisdom, blessed with knowledge, intelligence, and learning, and qualified to stand in the palace of the monarch and instruct them in literature and language (Daniel 1:4). David, Joseph, the Little Maid of Naaman, Daniel and his friends, and the young boy in the New Testament who gave five loaves of barley bread and two small fish to Jesus to feed 5000 men and countless women and children are just a few examples of teenagers in the Bible who did great things for the Lord and are wonderful examples to us today.

Embarking on a journey through the Old Testament can be a transformative experience for teens, offering profound insights into faith, morality, and the nature of God. A structured Bible study plan is essential to guide young minds through the intricate tapestry of stories, laws, prophecies, and poetry that comprise the first 39 books of the Bible. This plan is designed to give teens a comprehensive understanding of the Old Testament, helping them develop a deeper relationship with God and a more robust knowledge of their faith.

The Old Testament is not just a collection of ancient texts; it is the foundation of the Christian faith, revealing God’s character, His promises, and His plan for humanity. Each book offers unique lessons and insights, from the creation story in Genesis to the prophetic visions in Malachi. A well-organized Bible study plan can help teens navigate these diverse books, ensuring they grasp the central themes and messages.

This 110-day Bible study plan is tailored specifically for teens, making it engaging and accessible. Each day focuses on a specific passage, accompanied by a theme that highlights the key message of the text. This approach helps youngsters see the relevance of the Old Testament in their lives today, encouraging them to apply biblical principles to their daily challenges and decisions.

By following this Bible study plan, adolescents will explore the major events and figures of the Old Testament, such as the creation, the exodus, the rise of kings like David and Solomon, and the prophetic messages of Isaiah and Jeremiah. This journey will not only enhance their biblical literacy but also inspire them to live out their faith with greater conviction and understanding.

Whether used in a youth group, a family setting, or personal devotion, this Bible study plan is a valuable tool for nurturing a lifelong love for Scripture in the hearts of young believers.

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Engaging Old Testament Bible Study Plan

Creating a 110-day Old Testament Bible study plan for youngsters involves organizing the major themes and events engagingly and educationally. Here’s the detailed plan:

TopicDayEvent/Theme Bible Passage (s)
Creation and Early Humanity1Creation of the World (Theme: God’s Sovereignty)Genesis 1
2Creation of Man and Woman (Theme: Relationships, Purpose, and Responsibility)Genesis 2
3The Fall of Man (Theme: Sin, Disobedience and Consequence)Genesis 3
4Cain and Abel (Theme: Sibling Rivalry and Jealousy)Genesis 4
5Noah and the Ark (Theme: Obedience and Judgment)Genesis 6-7
6The Flood (Theme: Judgment and Salvation), The Flood Subsides (Theme: Renewal)Genesis 7-8
7God’s Covenant with Noah (Theme: Promises and Hope)Genesis 8-9
8Tower of Babel (Theme: Human Pride)Genesis 11
The Patriarchs9God’s Call to Abram (Theme: Faith and Obedience)Genesis 12
10God’s Covenant with Abram (Theme: Righteousness and Promise)Genesis 15
11The Covenant of Circumcision (Theme: Obedience and Identity)Genesis 17
12Sodom and Gomorrah (Theme: Judgment and Mercy)Genesis 18-19
13Birth of Isaac (Theme: Fulfillment of God’s Promises)Genesis 21
14Abraham’s Test (Theme: Trust and Sacrifice)Genesis 22
15Isaac and Rebekah (Theme: God’s Providence)Genesis 24
The Story of Job16The Testing of Job (Faith in Adversity)Job 1-2
17Job’s Restoration (Theme: Restoration and Blessing)Job 42
The Story of Jacob and Esau18Birth of Esau and Jacob (Theme: Birthright and Blessing)Genesis 25
19Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing (Theme: Deception and Consequence)Genesis 27
20Jacob’s Dream at Bethel (Theme: God’s Presence)Genesis 28
21Jacob, Leah, and Rachel (Theme: Love and Labor)Genesis 29
22Jacob Wrestles with God (Theme: Transformation and Identity)Genesis 32
Joseph’s Story23Joseph’s Dreams (Theme: Favoritism and Jealousy)Genesis 37
24Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (Theme: Integrity and Temptation)Genesis 39
25Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams (Theme: God’s Wisdom)Genesis 41
26Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt (Theme: Guilt and Reconciliation)Genesis 42
27Joseph Reveals Himself (Theme: Forgiveness)Genesis 45
28Jacob Moves to Egypt (Theme: God’s Provision)Genesis 46
29Joseph’s Death (Theme: Legacy and God’s Plan)Genesis 50
Moses and the Exodus30Israelites Oppressed (Theme: Suffering and Hope)Exodus 1
31Birth of Moses (Theme: God’s Preparation)Exodus 2
32The Burning Bush (Theme: Calling and Purpose)Exodus 3
33The Plagues (Theme: God’s Power and Judgment)Exodus 7-10
34The Passover (Theme: Salvation and Deliverance)Exodus 12
35Crossing the Red Sea (Theme: Faith and Miracles)Exodus 14
36Manna and Quail (Theme: God’s Provision)Exodus 16
37Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments (Theme: Covenant and Law)Exodus 19-20
The Wilderness38The Golden Calf (Theme: Idolatry and Repentance)Exodus 32
39The Tabernacle Completed (Theme: Worship and Presence)Exodus 40
40Burnt Offerings (Theme: Sacrifice and Atonement)Leviticus 1
41Day of Atonement (Theme: Forgiveness and Cleansing)Leviticus 16
42The Nazirite Vow (Theme: Dedication and Holiness)Numbers 6
43The Twelve Spies (Theme: Faith and Fear)Numbers 13-14
44The Bronze Serpent (Theme: Salvation and Healing)Numbers 21
45Balaam and His Donkey (Theme: Obedience and Prophecy)Numbers 22-24
Preparing for the Promised Land and Conquest of Canaan46The Greatest Commandment – Love the Lord Your God (Theme: Love and Obedience)Deuteronomy 6
47Blessings and Curses (Theme: Obedience and Consequence)Deuteronomy 28
48Joshua Takes Charge (Theme: Courage and Faith)Joshua 1
49Rahab and the Spies (Theme: Faith and Redemption)Joshua 2
50The Fall of Jericho (Theme: Obedience and Victory)Joshua 6
51The Sun Stands Still (Theme: God’s Power and Miracles)Joshua 10
52Joshua’s Farewell Address (Theme: Commitment and Heritage)Joshua 24
The Judges and Ruth53Israel’s Disobedience (Theme: Cycle of Sin)Judges 2
54Deborah and Barak (Theme: Leadership and Faith)Judges 4-5
55Gideon (Theme: Weakness and Strength), Gideon’s Victory (Theme: God’s Power)Judges 6-7
56Samson (Theme: Strength and Weakness), The Birth of Samson (Theme: Nazirite Vow), Samson and Delilah (Theme: Betrayal and Redemption)Judges 13-16
57Naomi and Ruth (Theme: Loyalty and Kindness)Ruth 1
58Ruth Meets Boaz (Theme: Providence and Provision), Boaz Redeems Ruth (Theme: Redemption and Inheritance), Ruth Marries Boaz (Theme: Love and Blessing)Ruth 2-4
The Prophet Samuel and the Kings of Israel59Hannah’s Prayer and Samuel’s Birth (Theme: Prayer and Dedication)1 Samuel 1-2
60The Lord Calls Samuel (Theme: Hearing God’s Voice)1 Samuel 3
61Israel Asks for a King (Theme: Leadership and Rejection)1 Samuel 8
62Saul Anointed by Samuel and Becomes King (Theme: Leadership and Anointing)1 Samuel 9-10
63Saul’s Disobedience (Theme: Disobedience and Consequence)1 Samuel 15
64Samuel Anoints David (Theme: God’s Choice)1 Samuel 16
65David and Goliath (Theme: Courage and Faith)1 Samuel 17
66David Becomes King Over Israel (Theme: God’s Timing)2 Samuel 5
67The Ark Brought to Jerusalem (Theme: Worship and Celebration)2 Samuel 6
68God’s Promise to David (Theme: Covenant and Kingdom)2 Samuel 7
69David and Bathsheba (Theme: Sin and Consequence)2 Samuel 11
70Nathan Confronts and Rebukes David (Theme: Confrontation, Contrition, and Forgiveness)2 Samuel 12
71David’s Song of Praise (Theme: Deliverance, Gratitude, and Worship)2 Samuel 22
72David’s Charge to Solomon (Theme: Patrimony and Wisdom)1 Kings 2
Solomon and the Division of the Kingdom73Solomon Asks for Wisdom from God (Theme: Wisdom and Discernment)1 Kings 3
74Solomon Builds the Temple (Theme: Worship and Dedication)1 Kings 6
75The Ark Brought to the Temple (Theme: God’s Presence)1 Kings 8
76The Queen of Sheba (Theme: Wealth and Wisdom)1 Kings 10
77Solomon’s Downfall (Theme: Compromise, Idolatry and Consequence)1 Kings 11
78The Kingdom Divides (Theme: Rebellion and Division)1 Kings 12
79Elijah and the Prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel (Theme: Faith and God’s Might)1 Kings 18
80Elijah Taken to Heaven (Theme: Transition and Bequeathal)2 Kings 2
81The Widow’s Oil (Theme: God’s Provision)2 Kings 4
82Naaman Healed of Leprosy (Theme: Faith, Obedience, and Healing)2 Kings 5
83The Fall of Israel (Theme: Judgment and Exile)2 Kings 17
84Hezekiah’s Prayer (Theme: Faith and Deliverance)2 Kings 19
85The Book of the Law Found (Theme: Revival and Reform)2 Kings 22
Wisdom and Poetry86The Way of the Righteous (Theme: Uprightness and Meditation)Psalm 1
87The Lord is My Shepherd (Theme: Trust and Comfort)Psalm 23
88A Prayer of Repentance (Theme: Penitence and Mercy)Psalm 51
89The Beginning of Knowledge (Theme: Wisdom and Instruction)Proverbs 1
90Trust in the Lord (Theme: Trust and Guidance)Proverbs 3
91The Wife of Noble Character (Theme: Virtue and Honor)Proverbs 31
92Everything is Meaningless (Theme: Meaning and Purpose)Ecclesiastes 1
93A Time for Everything (Theme: Seasons of Life)Ecclesiastes 3
94Remember Your Creator (Theme: Youth and Mortality)Ecclesiastes 12
95Love is Strong as Death (Theme: Love’s Strength)Song of Solomon 8
The Prophets and Exile96Isaiah’s Vision of the Lord (Theme: Mission and Holiness)Isaiah 6
97The Suffering Servant (Theme: Sacrifice and Salvation)Isaiah 53
98Jeremiah’s Call (Theme: Calling and Courage)Jeremiah 1
99A Letter to the Exiles (Theme: Hope and Future)Jeremiah 29
100The Valley of Dry Bones (Theme: Restoration and Life)Ezekiel 37
101The Fiery Furnace (Theme: Faithfulness and Deliverance)Daniel 3
102Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Theme: Faith, Protection, and Rescue)Daniel 6
103The Intriguing Story of Jonah (Theme: Disobedience, Mercy, Remorse, and Compassion)Jonah 1-4
Return from Exile and Restoration104The Proclamation of Cyrus (Theme: God’s Sovereignty and Restoration)Ezra 1
105Rebuilding the Altar (Theme: Worship, Sacrifice, and Renewal)Ezra 3
106Nehemiah’s Prayer (Theme: Leadership and Intercession)Nehemiah 1
107Esther’s Courage (Theme: Courage and Providence)Esther 4
108A Call to Build the House of the Lord (Theme: Priorities)Haggai 1
109The Coming King (Theme: Messianic Prophecy)Zechariah 9
110The Day of the Lord (Theme: Judgment and Promise)Malachi 4

Curious about how the New Testament complements your Old Testament readings? For a well-rounded study experience, don’t miss our New Testament Bible Reading Plan.

This Bible study plan takes teens through the Old Testament’s major stories, characters, and themes, providing a comprehensive overview in 110 days.

Recap: Bible Study Plan

In conclusion, a highly structured Bible study plan for teens is essential for fostering a deep and meaningful engagement with the Old Testament. This 110-day journey through the scriptures not only enriches their understanding of biblical history and theology but also helps them to develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Almighty. By systematically exploring the major narratives, laws, prophecies, and wisdom literature, youngsters can gain a holistic view of God’s unfolding plan for humanity, as revealed in the Old Testament.

This Bible study plan is designed to make the ancient texts of the Old Testament accessible and relevant to today’s youth. Each day’s reading is paired with a theme that highlights the core message, encouraging teens to reflect on how these timeless truths apply to their lives. Whether it’s the story of creation, the covenant with Abraham, the exodus from Egypt, the reign of King David, or the prophetic warnings and promises, every passage offers valuable lessons about faith, obedience, justice, and redemption.

Engaging with the Old Testament through this Bible study plan can also help teens see the continuity and fulfillment of God’s promises in the New Testament, deepening their appreciation for the entire biblical narrative. It provides a foundation for understanding the life and mission of Jesus Christ, who is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and the central figure of the Christian faith.

By committing to this Bible study plan, adolescents are encouraged to develop a disciplined habit of daily scripture reading and reflection, which is vital for spiritual growth. It also offers opportunities for meaningful discussions within families, youth groups, or peer study groups, fostering a supportive community of faith.

Ultimately, this Bible study plan aims to equip teens with the knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual maturity needed to navigate the complexities of life with a strong, unwavering faith in the Holy One. As they delve into the rich and diverse texts of the Old Testament, may they be inspired, challenged, and transformed, growing ever closer to the God who loves them and has a purpose for their lives.

Our collection of practical and simple Bible reading plans will help guide you through the study of God’s word and empower you in your pursuit to know and apply the Scriptures in every area of your life.

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