How to Refrigerate without Electricity — Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator

Let us now look at a scenario. Your mom is having problems with the refrigerator, and no one can fix it at home. There is no cooling, and chances are that the food stored in the fridge will get spoiled. What do you do? She had called up the service department and scheduled an appointment. However, the service turnaround time is about 1-2 days. What will happen to all the foodstuff you have in the refrigerator?

The Solution?

Note: Do the following DIY project under the supervision of an adult.

Get two clay pots, make sure that one is smaller than the other, and the smaller pot fits inside the larger pot. Now, fill any holes that may be present at the base of the pots with putty (a soft, malleable, grayish-yellow paste, made from whiting and raw linseed oil). Fill the bottom of the larger pot with loose sand. Take the smaller pot and place it inside the larger pot. Then, get some wet sand and fill the space between the small and large pots and pour water till the sand is thoroughly soaked. Now, take a damp cloth and place it over the top of the smaller pot. Place the ‘pot-in-pot refrigerator’ in a dry, ventilated spot to enable the water to evaporate effectively. As the water evaporates, the heat is pulled out, making the inside cold. Now, take the food from the fridge and place them in the smaller pot.

How to Refrigerate without Electricity — Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator

You need to check the ‘pot-in-pot refrigerator’ at least twice a day as water should be poured for maintaining the dampness of the sand. This is a natural, cheap, easy-to-use, and even portable refrigerator.

So, now you can have fresh food to eat instead of it rotting in the unusable fridge.

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