Ridiculously Easy Origami Church|Origami Christmas Tree|1 Origami Cross

Learn how to make an Origami Church, with an Origami Christmas tree, and an Origami cross. It is super simple and can be done by anyone with little experience. Step-by-step instructions to try this Origami church tutorial.

Origami Church — Step-by-step instructions

Origami Church — Steps 1-8

Step 1: Fold a Balloon Base also known as a waterbomb base. This is a common base used in origami.
Step 2: Fold both tips to the top.
Step 3: Flip the paper over.
Step 4: Fold both tips to the top.
Step 5: Now make a squash fold. Bring the tip downwards, and open the paper slightly and squash it down.
Step 6: For the left side, make a squash fold. Bring the tip downwards, and open the paper slightly and squash it down.
Step 7: Flip the paper over.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for this side.

Origami Church — Steps 9-16

Step 9: Focusing on the right side first, move the top flap from the right to the left.
Step 10: Fold both sides to meet the center crease.
Step 11: Bring the top flap back from the left to the right.
Step 12: Repeat Steps 9 to 11 for the left side.
Step 13: Fold the right side tip to meet the right edge. Crease well and unfold.
Step 14: Open the right side slightly and make a squash fold.
Step 15: Repeat Step 14 for the left side.
Step 16: Fold up the center tip.

Your Origami Church is now complete.

Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree

This origami Christmas tree is made from three sheets of square paper. Follow the instructions given in the video to complete this amazing origami Christmas tree.

For more activities you can visit Sunday School at Kids Central.

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