Meaning of Frustration & 5 Popular Bible Passages To Overcome Frustration

Here we will explore the meaning of frustration and discover five popular Bible passages that will help you overcome frustration. Moreover, we will look at seven practical ideas that will teach you how to effectively deal with frustration.

Meaning of Frustration (Define Frustrated)

meaning of frustration, frustration meaning in english, define frustrated

Our Response to Discontent and How to Deal With It

We often get frustrated in our lives when things do not happen the way we expect. Many of us respond to frustration by getting angry, becoming depressed, or indulging in other self-destructive behaviors. This may lead to health issues and hinder our relationships with others. First and foremost, we need to understand that disappointment is a normal emotional reaction that happens when we are hurt, threatened, or unable to fulfill our needs.

The following seven ideas will enable you to overcome frustration and cultivate in you the virtue of patience.

  1. Have mutual respect for all people. Do not get frustrated by every differing opinion.
  2. Learn the difference between needs and wants. Try to understand what is preventing you from meeting your basic needs. Most often, dissatisfaction arises when your basic needs are not met.
  3. Always be aware of what you can and cannot control. If a situation is beyond your control, use your energy to handle it and not fight against it.
  4. Learn the art of communicating constructively. Articulate your opinion with calmness and respect. Never raise your voice or swear.
  5. Do not feel responsible for others’ behavior. Do not let anyone control your actions, and always make your own decisions.
  6. Identify the cause of your hurt or dejection and try to figure out a solution. Do not blame others for your situation.
  7. Try to turn your frustration into motivation and action. Frustration sometimes will help you to evaluate whether you are on track to meet life’s goals.

Remember that taking things in your stride will surely help you become a happier and more balanced person. Most of the time, frustration will change you from a normal peaceful person to an angry one. So do not allow it to hinder your peace of mind and progress. Otherwise, it will immobilize you, and your goals will become unattainable. Although you cannot altogether eliminate frustration from your life, you can manage how you let it affect you.

5 Bible Passages that Helps To Overcome Frustration

Overcome Frustration, Meaning of Frustration, Define Frustrated

The meaning of frustration is obstructing or curbing goal-directed behavior leading to an irritating state of tension and elevated anxiousness. For some, the meaning of frustration is when you truly love people and do everything in your capacity to please them; but, they are dismissive about your feelings and never recognize your love for them. For others, the meaning of frustration is when they fail to achieve their objectives, both large and small, which leads to a greater level of depression or aggression.

In the field of psychology, the meaning of frustration is that it is a common emotional response to opposition, which is linked to anger, bitterness, disappointment, and annoyance. The meaning of frustration is clear in that the emotion of frustration arises from the observed resistance to the completion of a person’s will or goal and is likely to increase when that will or goal is blocked or thwarted.

You need to express yourself and vent your feelings, when you are vexed, to let it go. To shake off that dissatisfied feeling, sometimes you need to change your lifestyle or find a new job or new friends so you will experience peace in your life and a sense of well-being.

Our collection of Bible Verses by Topic will encourage you to read the Word of God daily, will target the very issue you are dealing with at the moment, and motivate you to find your strength in Jesus Christ.


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