The Story of Noah in the Bible — Always Trust God

This is the story of Noah in the Bible, a righteous and blameless man, who was a follower of the Almighty God on Earth surrounded by people overcome by evil, corruption, and violence.

Discover his unrelenting faith in God and complete obedience to God’s commandments. See the mighty and awesome work of God in delivering His faithful and humble servant.

The Story of Noah in the Bible – A Short Summary

The Story of Noah in the Bible is found in Genesis 5th to 9th chapters. Noah is the son of Lamech and the ninth descendant of Adam through Seth. During his time, the world was filled with wickedness, immorality, and cruelty. God decided to destroy all humans and all the creatures along with the people.

However, Noah found favor and grace in God’s sight as he was an upright man and was not corrupted, unlike other people. God ordered Noah to build an ark in which he and his wife, his sons and their wives, together with the male and female of all living creatures, would reside in the time of the great flood that will wipe out all humans and animals.

Noah listened to God’s Word and built an ark according to God’s instructions.

The Story of Noah in the Bible
Noah Building the Ark

When the flood came, He and his family along with the two of every sort of animals, male and female, were safe aboard the ark, while the rest of the human race who were sinful, unfaithful, and untrue along with the animals outside the ark perished.

The Story of Noah in the Bible teaches us that God will save those who are obedient to His words and follow his commandments. Humanity was given a second chance through Noah to restart, replenish, and renew itself through a new covenant. That is the crux of the story of Noah in the Bible.

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