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The Palm Sunday message is one of humility, promise, and absolute peace. The Palm Sunday message is about the story of the Almighty King who rode on a donkey on the clothes of the people, announcing the humble and peaceful arrival of the Prince of Peace. It is against someone who rides on a horse, in royal robes, mounting for war. Jesus’ Kingdom is about conquering minds and hearts and of lowliness and servanthood.

Meaning of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, is a celebration that commemorates and honors Jesus Christ’s victorious entry into Jerusalem. It is an event that is mentioned in all the four Gospels. It was a joyful occasion as Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a conquering King, and the people shouted His praises and worshiped Him as He deserves it.

He entered Jerusalem on a young donkey showing humility, and His followers laid out palm leaves and clothes on the road as an act of homage for royalty and unwavering respect. The palms represented peace and victory, and Jesus was openly declaring that He was the King and Messiah the people had been waiting for to redeem them.

Jesus traveled to Jerusalem knowing that He would be tried and crucified, and His journey would end in His sacrificial death for the sins of humanity. This Palm Sunday let us remind ourselves of our Lord’s sacrificial death on the cross, praise our Heavenly Father for the gift of salvation, and look forward to Jesus Christ’s second coming.

Palm Sunday is the sixth Sunday of Lent and marks the beginning of Holy Week, the remembrance of Christ’s last days to the cross, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday Story

Read about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, which happened on the Sunday before the crucifixion. Jesus riding into Jerusalem was an important event as it was to make public His claim to be the Messiah and King of Israel in fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. We celebrate Palm Sunday to remember that historic occasion.

Palm Sunday Message — The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

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The three key takeaways from the Palm Sunday message are:

Be Accessible: As the donkey was accessible, we need to be accessible to the Lord. We are tied up in sin, self-righteousness, pride, lies, murmuring, and deceit. We should let the Lord untie us from the things which are corrupting us. We should start moving to the place the Lord has destined for us so that He can use us for His purpose. We should be thankful to the Lord when He uses us and cooperate with God’s will in whatever He may ask us to do. This is the first takeaway of the Palm Sunday message.

Be Careful of People: Jesus entered Jerusalem to cheering crowds; however, five days later the crowd turned against Him and called for his crucifixion. When Jesus met the expectations of the crowd, as He raised Lazarus from the dead just days earlier, He was their king. When he did not overthrow the Roman Empire and establish the Jewish Kingdom, the “Hosannas” turned to cries of “Crucify Him!” They shouted for his death.

We should never get carried away by the praises of humans, how impressive they might be. People are fickle-minded and their love can change to hatred in a heartbeat if we do not meet their expectations. The people who praise us today will be the same people looking for our heads tomorrow. Jesus Christ says,

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So, we must remember that we should not be enamored by the praise of our fellow human beings. We should be grateful to Christ for loving us since He is the only one who will love us to eternity and His love will never change. This is the second takeaway of the Palm Sunday message.

Be Spiritual: There will be a day when Jesus Christ will return to earth as a King in fulfillment of His promises and fulfill the prophecies made about Him. He will gather his followers together into eternal peace and judge both the living and deceased. Just as the Jews thought Jesus was going to rescue them from Roman rule, restore their kingdom and their economic and national pride, we look to God only for our physical and material needs. However, those needs are not very important as our spiritual needs.

Our spiritual life begins with a walk with God. Our minds, hearts, will, and affections are all progressively sanctified through the work of the Holy Spirit. We should tune in to the Holy Spirit and give the reins of control of our lives to Him.

We should follow God-given instructions and not just the traditions of men. Being spiritual does not mean we blindly observe practices and social customs like the Pharisees, Sadducees, and religious leaders. They did not like Jesus and His Christ as it was detrimental to their position in society. The Pharisees were shocked that the people were praising Jesus and asked Him to rebuke them. However, Jesus said that if they hold their peace, the stones will cry out. We should praise God whenever we get a chance through our tongues, deeds, sacrifices, and way of living.

We should understand that Jesus came down from heaven to conquer evil and give us eternal life. We should believe that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose again the third day to be our living savior. We should be living examples of the Christian faith. If we want to sit down with Jesus in Heaven and be free of all suffering, we should first learn of Him and be meek, judging no one here on earth, take the lowest seat, forgive our enemies, serve those in need, bless those who curse us and become a faithful servant of the Lord. This is the third takeaway of the Palm Sunday message.

The Palm Sunday message is about the arrival of a Savior who is willing to save us from sin and death and giving us the promise of eternal life. The Palm Sunday message is about Jesus Christ’s love, grace, mercy, and peace with God and fellow human beings.

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