3 Passionate Prayers for Protection | Meaning of Psalm 91 Prayer

Let us explore three passionate prayers for protection that we can use in our daily lives. We need God’s protection in this fallen, sinful, and warring world. These prayers for protection will soothe our spirits and help us run to our Almighty Father’s fortress knowing that He will guard us and strengthen us if we surrender to Him. Let us also understand the deep and profound meaning of Psalm 91 prayer.

Shall we say this prayers for protection that witnesses to the divine presence and absolute power of the Holy Triune God?

Prayers for Protection #1

Prayer for Protection, Psalm 91 Prayer, Psalm 91 Meaning

Prayers for Protection #2

Psalm 91 Prayer, Psalm 91 Meaning, Prayer for Protection

Prayers for Protection #3

psalm 91, psalm 91 prayer, prayer for protection

Declaration of Confidence in God’s Protection (Faith Declaration)

Let us discover a wonderful “faith declaration” that can be recited in our daily prayer time with our Heavenly Father. Say this declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence. Intercede for your families, friends, and other relationships with this declaration of confidence in God’s protection.

psalm 91 prayer, prayers for protection, psalm 91 meaning

Let us recite Psalm 91 Prayer everyday (Prayers for Protection)

psalm 91 english, psalm 91 prayer, prayer for protection

Meaning of Psalm 91 Prayer

Psalm 91 is a protection scripture and God’s covenant for divine sanctuary. It covers every danger that a human being can possibly encounter—natural disasters, disease, illness, crime, and any threat that a person or his/her family can face. The Psalm 91 prayer is the Almighty’s way of revealing to us that whoever comes and seeks refuge in Him will be rescued from calamity and destruction.

The Psalm 91 prayer is filled with the kindness and might of God. It contains assurances that will create an environment of safety and well-being in our lives and our homes.

Psalm 91 starts with having an intimate relationship with God (verse 1). It is followed by a declaration (verse 2) which we should say out loud as it affirms our belief in our Almighty Creator and turns God’s word into a powerful weapon of defense.

Psalm 91 talks about the snares that the enemy sets to trap and harm us (verse 3). We should have a loving relationship with our Savior and listen to His voice and He will save us from all predicaments, temptations, and epidemic diseases (verse 3 and 4). God shields us and hides us in His secret place (verse 4) when we believe in His word. The enemy cannot see us. He can see only God and no one can stand against the Creator of the universe.

The night is a time of terrors-robberies, sudden attacks, unexpected incursions of enemies, pestilences, and treason. Evil forces are always more active in the nighttime (verses 5 and 6). If we are with God, we will lay down in peace and sleep quietly. During the day, we will be safe from the arrow of the angel of death and attacks on our properties and potential accidents (verses 5 and 6).

Our God is the Supreme Being, who will shield us from natural calamities and disasters. He will protect us from inclement weather conditions and insect infestations. We will have great security amid danger if we believe in our Lord and Savior. We will not be afraid and our faith will keep us grounded when everything is falling around us (verse 7). We will only see the reward of the wicked, the judgment of God upon them, which is a just punishment for their sins (verse 8). We should not look upon it with delight but be grateful to God that we have been saved by His mercy and glorify Him as the righteous judge.

God’s promises are always true, and we must have faith in them, no matter what situations we are facing. Belief in God’s supernatural power and His faithfulness to fulfill His promises is a major condition for God’s protection. We have to trust in God first, only then we will able to witness the miracle. Whatever happens around us, troubles and afflictions, nothing will befall us if we set our love upon God (verse 9). Our homes will be shielded by God’s infinite power and love (verse10). His commitment and dedication to our well-being are unparalleled.

God assigns the angels to protect His loved ones. Angels watch carefully over all the interests of the believers and secure the elected ones who dwell in God. They carefully discharge the duties imposed upon by the Almighty One. Angels are renowned for their strength and power, and they take tender care of the saints, bearing them up in life and at death carrying their souls to Abraham’s bosom. Submitting to the will of God, angels carry us up lest we fall into any calamity or distress or hurt or mischief (verses 11 and 12).

We shall be safe even when we face the fiercest, strongest, and stealthy animals. They will not touch or hurt us and we will stomp upon them if we have God on our side (verse 13). Christ trampled the great dragon, the old serpent, called the evil one under His feet when He was crucified on the cross bearing the sins of the world. We shall trample upon the evil forces with impunity by the blood of Christ (verse 13).

When we love God and cling to Him in our thoughts and deeds amidst all the distractions of daily life, He will deliver us and help us to escape from the strain and stress of the world. We should acknowledge God in all our ways and recognize His authority over our lives. He will protect us and set us in a high place (verse 14). God will answer us when we call on Him with a sincere heart. He will be with us in times of distress and afflictions. He will bring us to safety and lift our heads high. God will honor us if we humbly and faithfully serve him and honor Him in all aspects of our lives (verse 15).

The last promise of protection is that we will have a satisfying, long life. God wants us to live long and strong (verse 16). Whatever struggles we go through here on earth, Christ will help us overcome them. Our salvation is guaranteed because Christ our High Priest is at the right hand of God the Father, making intercession for us. Christ gives us hope beyond death, and we can look forward to eternal life as Christ redeemed us through His blood. Christ is our salvation, and only through Him can we gain new life and hope (verse 16).

Psalm 91 is one of the most powerful prayers for protection over ourselves and our loved ones. Like other prayers for protection, we have to receive the promises of Psalm 91 by faith.

Prayers for protection give us great comfort in the truth that the Everlasting Father is with us always. In times of trouble, the prayers for protection are comforting and effective when prayed from the heart. We should love God and always be in a close personal relationship with Him. Prayers for protection lead us to experience God’s divine shelter and experience His joy and peace.

Prayers for protection become a powerful shield of protection from fear. Though we will face hardship, illness, or any other crisis, God’s mighty hand will protect us and deliver us from all troubles. Continue to trust in the Lord and His unfailing promises.

Do you find yourself struggling with how to pray and what to pray for? Read our popular prayers for various situations and needs.

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