Release the Donkey — Short Stories for Kids

Reading Short Stories for Kids is very helpful and memorable and is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Children can be taught moral lessons through interesting and inspiring stories. These moral stories can help children learn important lessons in life.

Release the Donkey — Unique Short Stories for Kids

short stories short stories for kids moral stories short stories for children

One day, a donkey tied to a tree was relaxing under its shade. A troublemaker who was on his way to work saw the donkey. Immediately, he thought of untying it to see what trouble it could cause. Once the donkey got released, it ran into the nearby fields and started to destroy the crops. The farmer’s wife who spotted this, became very upset and took a shotgun and shot the donkey dead.

When the owner of the donkey came to know of this, he was filled with rage and ran to the house of the farmer and killed the farmer’s wife. When the farmer came back to his house and saw that his wife had been murdered, he stormed off and shot the donkey’s owner who was sitting in his barn.

Hearing the gunshot, the wife of the donkey’s owner ran out of her house and was shocked to see her husband lying in a pool of blood. She immediately knew what happened and asked her sons to avenge the death of their father by burning the house of the farmer (along with him). The boys went late evening and gleefully carried out their mother’s orders, assuming that the farmer too would have been burnt alive, along with the house. However, sadly for them, that was not the case.

When the farmer came back to see the charred remains of his house, he promptly went and shot the wife and the two sons of the donkey’s owner.

Suddenly struck by remorse, the farmer was sad about all those terrible things which had happened. He came to know that the troublemaker was the reason for all this misery and woe. He caught hold of him and asked why he created all this trouble. To this, the troublemaker replied, “What, I
did nothing at all! Oh, except release the donkey. It was all of you who reacted, overacted, and released the inner evil.”

Did you get it?

The evil does not have the power to do much but one simple thing. That is waking you up by triggering the ego in you that turns into wicked intent and goes about harming others. So, the next time before replying, responding, reporting, rebuking, or avenging a revenge—pause and think.

Be careful. Many a time, the only thing the evil does is simply—”releases the donkey”—within us.

That is why we must bring every thought CAPTIVE under the Lordship of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Check our wide collection of Moral Stories that will inspire you and your children to do great things for the good of others. These stories for kids are motivating stories that will teach valuable lessons.

Our collection of short stories / moral stories are very powerful as they have messages behind them. These short stories for kids are adventurous, shorter, and great to introduce moral lessons and also help lock them into our memory scriptures that are connected with the theme of the story.

These short stories are a great way to creatively impact a Bible study or sermon. Short stories for kids are meant to entertain and full of excitement.

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