The Motivating Story of Remarkable Saint Martin

Let us now read the motivating story of Saint Martin of Tours, one of the most famous Christian saints in France, who became a soldier of Christ after leaving the Roman army.

Motivating Story of the Patron Saint of France Saint Martin

Martin was born in Savaria in modern-day Hungary around 316 or 336 AD. He became a soldier in the Roman army at the age of 15. When he was stationed in Gaul, he had a life-changing experience. On a bitterly cold winter day, Martin wearing a warm cloak was riding on a horse out of the town of Amiens in France (modern-day Gaul). He saw a beggar at the city gates, who was freezing and shivering with cold as his clothing was ragged.

As his fellow soldiers passed by, he noticed that no one was concerned about the beggar, and everyone left without helping him. Martin felt very sorry for the beggar, but he had nothing with him except the heavy wool cavalry cloak he wore. Overcome with compassion and concern, Martin drew his sword and cut his cloak in two, giving one half to the beggar to warm himself. It is believed that his fellow soldiers and passersby laughed at Martin for ruining his beautiful cloak.

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Martin rode on to his duty, whatever it might be. That night, Martin saw Jesus Christ in a dream surrounded by angels, wearing the half-cloak, which he had given to the beggar. Jesus was saying to the angels, “Look, this is the garment which Martin gave to me.” Martin was so moved by this powerful dream that he got baptized and became more liberal in almsgiving. He remained in the army for two years after this life-transforming event and obtained a discharge from the army. He became an active missionary and founded two monasteries. After some years, he was appointed as the third Bishop of Tours and led a saintly life.

Remember, our loving God and Father regards what we do to our fellow human beings as done to Himself.

We hope this motivating story will change our perspective about helping others. We believe that this short story about Saint Martin will inspire us to love others as ourselves. We trust this motivating story will encourage us to do good when we have the opportunity and the resources. This motivating story also teaches us that what we do to the poor and needy is done to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Himself. This motivating story is surely bound to move our hearts to love God, His people, and His creations.

Prayer of Saint Martin

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