The Foolish Fish Story – 1 Tale on Listening

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Proverbs 19:20

Foolish Fish Story

Once upon a time, there lived a school of fish, which were arrogant and stubborn, in a huge pond. They never listened to anyone and always did what they thought was right. Along with them, a compassionate, old and wise tortoise lived in the pond. She was not happy with the attitude of the fish and advised them to be humble and sober or otherwise it could lead to trouble. However, the fish made fun of her and told her, “You do not understand the ways of the world.”

One afternoon, as the tortoise was strolling along the banks of the pond, she overheard two fishermen speaking to each other. One of them said, “I think we should come and cast our fishing nets here tomorrow. This pond seems to be full of fish.” The other fisherman replied, “How come we did not see this place earlier.” It shocked the tortoise to hear this and swam to tell the fishes about this conversation. When she saw the dominant fish, she stopped and told him they should leave the pond before dawn as the fishermen are planning to bring their nets to catch the fish.

Hearing this, the dominant fish laughed at the tortoise, saying, “Do you not know that many fishermen had come here before and tried to catch us, but they have all failed miserably.” This haughty reply saddened the tortoise, and it went back to the bank.

The next morning, the fishermen came with huge, strong nets and cast them into the pond. Quickly, all the fish were caught.

foolish fish story

One fish exclaimed, “Alas if we had listened to our friend, the tortoise, we would not have to pay now with our lives.” The fishermen took the fish and sold them in the market for a good profit.

This foolish fish story is one of the best moral stories and interesting to people of all ages. This fish story emphasizes the importance of respecting elders, being courteous, and knowing that being alive is a blessing greater than anything in the world.

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