The Wolf and the Crane – 1 Story on Gratitude and Greed

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Matthew 7:18

The wolf and the crane is a fabulous tale by Aesop that teaches us not to expect any reward for serving people who have no honor. One of the major lessons of the wolf and the crane story is that you should help only those who deserve it.

The Story of the Wolf and the Crane

A wolf had hunted a sheep and started eating it voraciously when suddenly a small bone got stuck in his throat, and he could not swallow it. He felt a sharp pain in his throat and started running up and down, shaking his head to dislodge the bone and relieve himself of the pain. He started pleading with other animals to remove the bone from his throat. However, no one came to his help because they were terrified of him though he offered them a handsome reward.

Finally, the crane agreed to try and asked the wolf to lie down and open his mouth wide. The crane used its long neck to put his beak into the wolf’s mouth and slowly removed the bone. The wolf became ecstatic with joy. The crane asked for his reward but was left disappointed when the wolf said that he should be happy he is still alive having left his head in the wolf’s mouth and come out safely. The crane understood that you can expect nothing good from a bad person.

The Wolf and the Crane

The wolf and the crane tale shows that gratitude and greed do not go together. If you help dishonest people, you are putting yourself at great risk as they may pay evil for good.

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