The Fascinating Blue Jackal Story – 1 Story on Greed

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9

The Blue Jackal Story

The blue jackal story is a fable of wits and survival, which goes wrong because you cannot cheat everybody, every time.

A jackal lived in a small forest nearby a village. He was very adventurous and often wandered into the village to look for cooked food. He knew that if he gets caught the villagers and their dogs will either kill him or hurt him badly. However, the lure of tasty, delicious food outweighed the danger of getting trapped. One day after nightfall, he went to the village. As he was about to enter a large house, a pack of dogs saw him and chased him. The jackal was terrified and ran as fast as he could.

Beginning of the Blue Jackal

Suddenly, he fell into a big tub of blue dye. The dogs searched for the jackal and left as they could not find him. Later, the jackal crawled out of the tub and found himself dyed blue from head to toe.

Blue Jackal Story

It thrilled him to look at himself and went to the forest. Once he entered the forest, all the animals got surprised and petrified at the sight of such a strange-looking animal.

Seeing their reaction, the jackal acted smartly. He said that he had been sent from the skies to be the king of the jungle. The animals have to serve him and do exactly as he says, or else he will destroy the entire forest. Hearing this, all the animals including the mighty lion bowed themselves before the jackal and followed his commands. Thereafter, he appointed a cabinet comprising the lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, and monkey to serve him. However, he banished the pack of jackals fearing that they might recognize him somehow, someday.

The blue jackal enjoyed the kingly glory and ate food that was brought to him by the other animals. One day as he was sitting in his court, he heard the howling sound of jackals. He couldn’t contain himself and howled excitedly. The animals were shocked to hear this and found that the wily jackal had fooled them. They fell upon him before he could react, instantly killing him. The monkey who was appointed as the bearer of the royal parasol exclaimed, “It is better to be yourself than to pretend to be who you are not.”

The blue jackal story is a well-known moral fable that teaches us that we should not live a life of lives and at one point in time people will unmask the truth about us. The blue jackal story is peculiar, fun, and interesting and makes for a great read.

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