Short Moral Stories | 1 Brilliantly Interesting Tortoise and the Bird Story

Short moral stories will help children learn essential life lessons and will keep them motivated to achieve their goals. The self-confidence and imagination of kids will be enhanced by reading short moral stories. Young children can be taught simple truths through short moral stories. Short moral stories will inspire young ones to take life head-on. Short moral stories will assist children in determining the genuine worth of the people and things in their life. Short moral stories will automatically instill in little ones the proper ideals that are necessary to lead a virtuous life.

Short Moral Stories | The Tortoise and the Bird Story

Let us now delve into the tortoise and bird story, which teaches an important value that you should inculcate in your life.

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Once upon a time, in a dense jungle, there lived a tortoise. One day, the tortoise came to rest under a tree where birds had built their nests on a hot and humid summer afternoon. He looked up the tree and saw a bird’s nest perched on a tree branch above him. The tortoise began to tease the bird for the shabby, frail nest she had constructed of twigs and sticks.

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“What a dingy home you have!” the tortoise mockingly said to the bird. “It is constructed of broken sticks and has no roof.” He continued, “Moreover it appears to be in poor condition. Worse yet, you had to build it yourself. I believe my house, which is my shell, is far superior to your pitiful abode.”

The tortoise boasted about how much stronger and better his shell was. The bird, on the other hand, was unconcerned. “Yes, it’s made of broken sticks, has a rugged appearance, and is exposed to the elements. It’s crude, but I constructed it, and I like it,” the bird chirped. The tortoise continued to brag about his shell.

“I suppose it’s just like any other dirty nest, not as good and beautiful as mine,” the tortoise observed. “You must, nonetheless, be envious of my shell,” he chattered.

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The bird replied, “My nest may be small, however, it can accommodate my entire family.” The bird exclaimed excitedly, fed up with the tortoises’ boasting, “On the contrary, your shell is only big enough for you and lonely because it only holds you. Perhaps you live in a nicer house, but I have a better home.”

short moral stories, short inspirational stories, short stories, tortoise story, short story in english

When the tortoise heard this, he felt bad about his haughty and disputatious behavior towards the bird and realized his mistake. Unlike his large shell, the bird’s habitat was small but full. He walked away, his head hung low in shame.

The moral of the story is that we should never disrespect anyone based on their different lifestyle, social class, and cultural background. We should treat all creatures equally, and recognize that being with family is the most important thing in the world. Moreover, a packed hut with your loving family members is preferable to a lonely opulent mansion.

The tortoise had to live alone in his shell; however, the bird was content in his humble home because it could hold his family and friends. In this case, the bird’s nest and tortoise’s shell are represented by the hut and mansion, respectively.

We hope that this short moral story has taught you the value of being content and pleased with what you have rather than bragging about something for which you have not contributed in anyway.

short moral stories, short inspirational stories, short stories, tortoise story, short story in english

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