Love Like Salt

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5: 13

Once there was a king who lived with his three daughters. The king was curious to know which one of his daughters loved him the most. So, he called them and asked them, “My dear ones, how much do you love me?” The eldest one replied, “Father, I love you as much as rubies.” The king was very pleased with the answer and kissed her. The second daughter said, “I love you as much as sweetmeats and sugar.” The king became thrilled and embraced her. Now, the third one answered the king, “My dear father, I love you as much as salt.” The king was upset with this answer and became furious.

Love Like Salt

He called his servants and asked them to take his youngest daughter to the jungle and leave her there. They obeyed his command and took her to the jungle. Being left alone, she became very sad and depressed. She ambled in the jungle looking for food and water. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful palace behind a thick outgrowth of bushes and shrubs. Upon entering the palace, she found that it was empty but there was dinner waiting to be served. She found a room shut. When she opened it, to her astonishment, she saw a young man in royal attire lying unconscious on the bed. She saw needles stuck all over his body. Overwhelmed with compassion, she pulled the needles carefully without sleeping or eating. By the end of two weeks, she had removed all the needles from the body expect from the eyes. As soon as she removed the needles from the eyes, the young man opened his eyes and sat up. He saw the princess and realizing that she had removed the needles from his body; he fell in love with her. He asked her to be his wife, to which she gladly consented.

It so happened that one day as the king was hunting in the forest he saw a deer. He swiftly galloped behind it. However, the deer escaped, and he lost his way in the jungle. After wandering for two days without food, he found the palace where his daughter stayed with the prince. The prince saw him and welcomed him to his house. The prince asked his wife to prepare a sumptuous meal for the king. The princess made sure that all the dishes were without salt. For two days, she gave the king food cooked without salt. The king being famished and tired ignored this at first. However, after two days he could no longer eat the food. He became grumpy and irritated. Discerning her father’s mood, the princess finally gave him a dinner cooked with salt. The king was very happy and asked her why she had cooked without salt for the past two days. The princess revealed herself to the king and said that she wanted him to know just as useless is the food without salt, her life is meaningless without him.

On hearing this, the king was moved and hugged his daughter asking forgiveness for banishing her. He realized that among his daughters she loved him the most.

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