The Strange Bird with Two Heads – 1 Tale on Double-mindedness

The bird with two heads is a unique moral story that illustrates if we are double-minded we will be unstable in our ways and end up doing bad things that we cannot undo. Moreover, the bird with two heads teaches us to share only good things with others, and sharing bad things will harm both us and others.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

The Bird with Two Heads

A beautiful bird lived on a banyan tree along the banks of the great river Yamuna. The bird was unique as it had two heads, but one body. One day as he was wandering near the river bank he saw a red-golden fruit, which looked delicious. One head said, “I think I have sent the fruit from the heavens solely for me.” Desiring to eat the fruit, the other head asked permission to eat it.

However, the first head refused to give the fruit saying because they have the same stomach whoever eats it makes no difference. So, he gave the fruit to his wife, who gladly ate it. The second head was disappointed and wanted to teach a lesson to the first head.

The next day, the second head found a poisonous fruit near a tree and told the first head that it will eat the fruit and avenge his insult. The first head was shocked and pleaded with the second head not to eat the fruit as both of them will die as they have the same body. The second head consumed with anger and rage refused to listen to the first head. It ate the fruit, and the bird died.

The Bird with Two Heads

The wife finding the beautiful bird dead was heartbroken and cried out, “Those who are double-minded will perish.”

The bird with two heads is a classic tale of mistrust, anger, intolerance, selfishness, and double-mindedness that destroys not only our lives but also the lives of others.

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