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The Greedy Lion Story is a short story that teaches you to avoid being greedy because avariciousness will force you to pursue things that you do not require.

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story
Bible Verse About Greediness

The Greedy Lion Story

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story

Once upon a time, there lived a big and strong lion in a vast and thick forest. However, he was very always greedy and impatient. It was summer, and on an incredibly hot afternoon, the lion came out of his den. He was starving and could hear his stomach rumbling with hunger.

The master of the jungle had not eaten anything for the past two days. His mouth was feeling dry too. He went to the nearby river to quench his thirst. After drinking the water, he was feeling somewhat better. He looked around for an easy meal. All he could find was grass, which he cannot eat and satisfy his appetite.

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story

He started roaming the forest, looking for food. After searching for a long time, he came across a hare that was eating grass. The lion was very happy that he had found prey. He said to himself, “Wow, that hare looks very delicious.” He came stealthily behind him while the hare was still munching on his food.

In one pounce, the lion’s paws landed on the hare’s back. But seeing its size, the lion was discouraged. It thought, “This hare is too small to fill my stomach.” Being extremely famished, the king of the beasts decided to kill the hare when he suddenly noticed a deer at a distance.

His greedy eyes opened wide, and his mouth started salivating. He thought that instead of eating this tiny and slim hare, he can eat that large spotted deer, which will not only quench his ravenous stomach but also will relieve him of hunting for the next two days as he could save the deer’s meat.

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story

Immediately, he let go of the hare, which was mighty relieved and thanked the heavens for the great escape. The lion started to run to catch the deer. The deer sensing the lion’s presence began fleeing in a split second. She ran extremely fast through the jungle, leaping through the tall grass with minimal effort. The lion ran and ran but was unable to keep pace with the speed of the beautiful doe.

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story

The chase came to an abrupt end when the deer suddenly vanished into the bushes of the deep jungle. The lion was panting and breathing hard and finally hit the ground in a huge cloud of dust.

With his tongue hanging out from exhaustion and his empty abdomen making its hunger known with a hollow lurch, the lion regretted his decision to let the hare go. He could feel the backbone through his stomach.

He had nothing to eat now as the hare had also scampered away, and he could not find any animal in the vicinity.

He became despondent and cried out, “Alas, I should have eaten that hare when I had the opportunity. My greed has brought all this disaster upon me.”

lion story, the greedy lion, the greedy lion story

The sun was setting, and the lion retired to his den to take some much-needed rest. The king of the animals had to remain hungry for the whole day and rued his greed, feeling sorry for himself.

Moral of the Lion Story

The moral of the lion story is that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, which means that it is always better to hold onto something you have rather than take the chance of getting something better which may come to nothing. Another moral of the lion story is that many a time greediness turns simple situations into a contest of all or nothing.

The final moral of the lion story is that we should be satisfied with what we have and should not be greedy. Otherwise, we lose whatever we have.

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lion story, the greedy lion, greedy lion story
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