The Compelling Fox and the Crow Story — 1 Valuable Lesson on Flattery

The Fox and the Crow story is one of Aesop‘s fables, which are short, crisp, and come with good morals. The story teaches us that we should never fall for flattering words, and the flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him.

What Does the Bible Say About Flattery?

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures
Bible Verses on Flattery

The Fox and the Crow Story with Pictures

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

One bright morning, a very hungry big black crow was flying around looking for food. She came across two kids who were playing on a hillock. They had a basket full of goodies containing bread, oatcakes, jam, cheese, and biscuits. She swooped down and flew away with a big chunk of the cheese in her beak and settled on a branch of a tree.

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

A cunning fox who was having a stroll nearby noticed the crow sitting on the giant tree branch with a nice chunk of cheese in his beak. The fox’s mouth started watering, seeing the fine piece of cheese, and he thought that he does not need to wander looking for food as he can have the big piece of yummy cheese.

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

The fox knew that the physical setting was an obstacle. He cannot get to the crow, and even if he were to climb the tree, the bird would easily fly away. The crow had the upper ground, and the fox needed to be creative if he had to succeed in his mission. He thought long and hard of how to get the cheese from the bird. Soon, his tricky mind started thinking of ideas for stealing the cheese slice. He decided that the best way to get that cheese is by flattering the crow into singing.

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

He slowly walked up to the foot of the tree and tried to strike a conversation with the crow. He looked up to her with admiration and love and greeted her, “Good morning, beautiful creature!” The crow pretended so hard not to hear as she was suspicious of the fox and tightened her grip on the cheese. She did not respond to the fox’s greetings.

The fox did not give up, and he continued to flatter the crow. He said, “I have never seen a bird in this world as pretty, gracious, and brilliant as you. Your eyes are sparkling like a diamond. Your beak is exquisite and cute. Your feathers are so glossy and sparkling.”

Suddenly, the fox noticed a change in the crow’s expression and began to praise her profusely. He said, “My heart is smitten by your charm and flamboyant persona. I am sure that your voice must be the sweetest sound on this Earth, just as your beautiful appearance. Let me hear but one song from you that I may hail you as the Queen of Birds.”

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

The crow who had never heard such praise could no longer contain herself. She was flattered hearing such wonderful compliments. She was even convinced that she had a beautiful voice. The fox could see his words hit home. The bird swelling with pride, puffed up her feathers, stretched her neck, raised her head to the sky, and opened her mouth big and wide to utter her loudest caw, C-C-C-C-C-A-A-A-A-A-W-W-W-W-W. However, she forgot about the cheese in her beak, which fell straight down into the waiting and open mouth of the fox below.

fox and the crow, fox and the crow story, fox and the crow story with pictures

The crow was left cawing while the fox gobbled up the cheese. The fox gleefully thanked the crow relishing the cheese. The crow realized that she had fallen for the fox’s trick and felt very bad. She had been vain and proud. Before leaving, the fox mocked the crow, saying, “Your voice is OK, though it is cracked. But, unfortunately, you have no wits. Nevertheless, since I have eaten your cheese, I will give you a piece of advice in exchange for it. Do not trust sycophants. Maybe someday I will visit again to hear your song when you have another piece of food.”

Moral of the Fox and the Crow Story

The moral of the fox and the crow story is that we should not be blinded by false appreciation. The fox and the crow story teaches us that we should never trust anyone completely and study everyone. The fox and the crow story instructs us that we should not believe everything we hear, and not everyone around us has our best interests at heart. The fox and the crow story shows that while flattery helped the fox get what he desired, flattery made the crow foolish. The fox and the crow story illustrates that we should neither be deceived by sycophants nor flatter others as we will look insincere, manipulative, and dishonest.

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