The Extraordinary Tale of Two Sisters — 1 Unique Lesson

Here we look at the tale of two sisters in the Bible, Leah and Rachel, who were very different in their character and behavior. However, their lives were interwoven to the point that they had the same husband, and their offspring have been interlinked throughout history.

A Tale of Two Sisters

What is the Lesson from the Tale of Two Sisters?

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Leah, Jacob’s first wife, second in his heart. Rachel, Jacob’s second wife, first in his heart

God does not choose based on physical appearance but the inner thoughts and feelings of the heart.

Leah had weak or dull eyes, while Rachel was beautiful and had a lovely figure. Leah was in an unloving relationship with her husband Jacob. She had to pay for the deceit of her father Laban by being left out, looked over, and rejected. God had compassion for Leah’s plight and rewarded her with children. She put her faith, hope, and trust in God and praised and thanked Him for His providence.

Being alone, she prayed to God hoping that one day Jacob will love her as she deserves. After Rachel died at a young age, Jacob lived with Leah for most of his life. Leah is one of the four Matriarchs of the Israelites, and she gave birth to six of the twelve sons of Jacob. She was the one who was buried in the Cave of Machpelah along with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, and Jacob, while Rachel was buried on the way to Ephrath, which is Bethlehem.

Leah’s son, Judah’s line follows through to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ Himself (Matthew 1:1-17). Remember, that God does not allow physical beauty or the lack of it to implement His plans and purposes.

The tale of two sisters is a complex tale of sisterhood, unique in terms of sibling rivalries filled with competition, missed opportunities, and great tragedy.

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