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The Books of the Bible Summaries in one sentence will unravel the fascinating themes of the New Testament books.

The Bible speaks with supreme authority. The New Testament books of the Bible structure a unique, powerful, and consistent message from God, the message of salvation for humanity through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Read the Bible with humility—in a darkening age, it will bring you satisfaction and hope for the future.

Books of the Bible Summaries, Bible Summary, New Testament Books

Reading the Bible meticulously shows you that though each verse has one meaning, it can have multiple applications in your life. You need to crave for God’s word as it disciplines you and enables you to live in godliness for His glory. When you read the Bible, you grow in faith, which will help you face difficult situations without becoming weaker, physically or mentally.

Books of the Bible Summaries — Theme, Author, Time Period, and Outline

Books of the Bible Summaries is a small attempt to capture the essence of the New Testament books, which have shaped laws and influenced culture over the ages. Books of the Bible Summaries is a tribute to the Holy Book, which has inspired billions to faith over three millennia.

S.No.Name of BookThemeAuthorApproximate Time Period of WritingOutline
1MatthewGod of the Jews – The Kingdom of GodMatthew60-65 A.D.Jesus fulfills the Old Testament prophecies of a coming Messiah.
2MarkGod of the Romans – The Suffering ServantMark55-65 A.D.Jesus is God’s Son, a suffering servant of all people.
3LukeGod of the Outcast – The Perfect ManLuke70-80 A.D.Jesus is the Savior of all people, whether Jew or Gentile.
4JohnGod of the World – The Son of GodJohn85-90 A.D.Jesus is the only Savior of the world.
5ActsGod of Power – The Spread of the GospelLuke62-80 A.D.The Holy Spirit’s arrival heralds the beginning of the Christian church.
6RomansGod of Righteousness – The Righteousness of GodPaul57-70 A.D.Sinners are saved only by faith in Jesus Christ.
71 CorinthiansGod of Holiness – Christian ConductPaul55-57 A.D.An apostle tackles sin problems in the church at Corinth.
82 CorinthiansGod of Weakness – Paul’s Defense of his ApostleshipPaul55-57 A.D.Paul defends his ministry to the troubled Corinthian church.
9GalatiansGod of Justification – Freedom in ChristPaul49 A.D.Christians are free from restrictive Jewish laws.
10EphesiansGod of Unity – Blessings in ChristPaul62 A.D.Christians are all members of Jesus’ “body,” the church.
11PhilippiansGod of Joy – The Joy-Filled LifePaul61 A.D.“Friendship letter” between the apostle Paul and a beloved church.
12ColossiansGod of Preeminence – The Supremacy of ChristPaul60 A.D.Jesus Christ is supreme — over everyone and everything.
131 ThessaloniansGod of Encouragement – Concern for the ChurchPaul51 A.D.Jesus will return to gather His followers to Him.
142 ThessaloniansGod of Admonishment – Living in HopePaul 51 A.D.Christians should work until Jesus returns.
151 TimothyGod of Godliness – Instructions for a Young DisciplePaul63 A.D.Christian leaders are taught how to conduct their lives and churches.
162 TimothyGod of Endurance – A Charge to Faithful MinistryPaul67 A.D.The apostle Paul’s final words to a beloved coworker.
17TitusGod of Works – A Manual of ConductPaul65 A.D.Church leaders are instructed on their lives and teaching.
18PhilemonGod of Reconciliation – ForgivenessPaul63 A.D.Paul begs mercy for a runaway slave converted to Christianity.
19HebrewsGod of Fulfillment – The Superiority of ChristUnknown68 A.D.Jesus is better than any Old Testament person or sacrifice.
20JamesGod of Trials – Genuine FaithJames (Jesus’ half-brother)49 A.D.Real Christian faith is shown by one’s good works.
211 PeterGod of the Persecuted – Responding to SufferingPeter65 A.D.Suffering for the sake of Jesus is noble and good.
222 PeterGod of Patience – Warning Against False TeachersPeter66 A.D.Beware of false teachers within the church.
231 JohnGod of Love – Fellowship with GodJohn90-95 A.D.Emphasizes love in Christ.
242 JohnGod of Truth – Christian DiscernmentJohn90-95 A.D.Beware of false teachers who deny Jesus’ physical life on earth.
253 JohnGod of Discernment – Christian HospitalityJohn90-95 A.D.Church leaders must be humble, not proud.
26JudeGod of Protection – Contending for the FaithJude (Jesus’ half-brother)82 A.D.Beware of heretical teachers and their dangerous doctrines.
27RevelationGod of Eternity – The Unveiling of Jesus ChristJohn95 A.D.God will judge evil and reward His saints.
Books of the Bible Summaries — New Testament Books

Our collection of Bible summaries will provide an overview of the primary idea of each book. The books of the Bible summaries will teach the wise writings in these texts and support you in gaining a broad picture of the books of the Bible and how they fit together. The books of the Bible summaries are intended to enhance your reading experience and should not be used as an alternative for reading the Bible.

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