1 Sentence Summaries of Bible Books | Inspiring Themes of Old Testament

These one-sentence summaries of Bible books will help you in acquiring a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the 39 old testament books. These summaries of Bible books will enable you to grow and thrive in your spiritual walk with Jesus.

Our Almighty Creator reveals Himself through His word. The Bible is God’s message to humanity and tells us one interconnected story of redemption, culminating in the person and work of Jesus Christ, our redeemer.

The Word of God is alive and active, and it teaches about the laws, commandments, and statutes of God. However, it primarily focuses on the love of God for people and how the Supreme Being demonstrated His grace and glory through Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Summaries of Bible Books — Theme, Author, Time Period, and Outline

The Bible is composed of 66 books, with every book having a primary theme, which highlights an aspect of God’s personality and the way He functions. These summaries of Bible books of the Old Testament are a one-sentence simplified overview that represents the unique topic of each book.

S.No.Name of BookThemeAuthorAppromixate Time PeriodOutline
1GenesisGod of Promise – BeginningsMosesBeginning of Time-1410 B.CGod creates the earth and chooses a special people, the nation of Israel.
2ExodusGod of Power – DeliveranceMoses1450-1410 B.CGod delivers His people, the Israelites, from slavery in Egypt.
3LeviticusGod of Purity – InstructionMoses1445-1444 B.C.The Almighty and Holy God explains how to worship Him.
4NumbersGod of Perseverance – JourneysMoses1450-1410 B.CThe faithless Israelites wander for forty years in the wilderness of Sinai.
5DeuteronomyGod of Preparation – ObedienceMoses1407-1406 B.C.Moses reminds the Israelites of their history and God’s laws.
6JoshuaGod of the Land – ConquestJoshua and possibly Phinehas1405-1375 B.C.The Israelites capture and settle the promised land of Canaan.
7JudgesGod of the Rebels – Deterioration and DeliveranceProbably Samuel1086-1004 B.C.Israel goes through cycles of sin, suffering, and salvation.
8RuthGod of Redemption – RedemptionProbably Samuel1100 B.C.Loyal daughter-in-law experiences God’s faithfulness, love, and care.
91 SamuelGod of the Heart – TransitionSamuel, Nathan, and Gad1100-1000 B.C.Israel’s twelve tribes unite under a king.
102 SamuelGod of the Throne – UnificationProbably Abiathar the Priest1010-970 B.C.David becomes Israel’s greatest king — but with major flaws.
111 KingsGod of Israel – DisruptionUnknown970-850 B.C.Israel divides into rival northern and southern nations.
122 KingsGod of Israel –DispersionUnknown800-538 B.C.Both Israel and Judah are destroyed for their disobedience to God.
131 ChroniclesGod of Judah – Israel’s Spiritual HistoryEzra1010-970 B.C.King David’s reign is detailed and analyzed.
142 ChroniclesGod of Judah – Israel’s Spiritual HeritageEzra970-538 B.C.The history of Israel from Solomon to division to destruction.
15EzraGod of the Temple – RestorationEzra530-450 B.C.Spiritual renewal begins after the Jews return from exile.
16NehemiahGod of the Wall – ReconstructionNehemiah and Ezra445-432 B.C.Returning Jewish exiles rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem.
17EstherGod of the Gallows – PreservationProbably Ezra or Nehemiah485-465 B.C.A beautiful Jewish girl becomes queen, saves fellow Jews from slaughter.
18JobGod of Pain – Blessings Through SufferingsPossibly Job2100-1800 B.C.God allows human suffering for His own purposes.
19PsalmsGod of Praise – PraiseDavid, Asaph, the sons of Korah, Solomon, Ethan, Moses, and various others1440-586 B.C.Ancient Jewish songbook showcases prayers, praise, and complaints to God.
20ProverbsGod of Prudence – Practical WisdomSolomon, Agur, and Lemuel970-930 B.C.Brief, memorable sayings encourage people to pursue wisdom.
21EcclesiastesGod of Purpose – All is Vanity Apart from GodSolomon970-930 B.C.Apart from God, life is empty and unsatisfying.
22Song of SolomonGod of Passion – Love and MarriageSolomon970-930 B.C.Married love is a beautiful thing worth celebrating.
23IsaiahGod of Glory – SalvationIsaiah, son of Amoz 740-700 B.C.A coming Messiah will save people from their sins.
24JeremiahGod of Weeping – JudgmentJeremiah, with the assistance of Baruch, a scribe627-585 B.C.After years of sinful behavior, Judah will be punished.
25LamentationsGod of Faithfulness – LamentTraditionally attributed to Jeremiah586 B.C.A despairing poem about the destruction of Jerusalem.
26EzekielGod of Visions – The Glory of the LordEzekiel, a Priest590-570 B.C.Though Israel is in exile, the nation will be restored.
27DanielGod of History- The Sovereignty of GodDaniel605-538 B.C.Faithful to God during the Babylonian captivity.
28HoseaGod of the Unfaithful – UnfaithfulnessHosea750-722 B.C.Prophet’s marriage to a prostitute reflects God’s relationship with Israel.
29JoelGod of the Locusts – The Day of the LordJoel, son of Pethuel586 B.C.Locust plague pictures God’s judgment on His sinful people.
30AmosGod of the Oppressed – JudgmentAmos, a Sheperd760-750 B.C.Real religion is not just ritual but treating people with justice.
31ObadiahGod of the Mountain – Righteous JudgementObadiah627-586 B.C.Edom will suffer for participating in Jerusalem’s destruction.
32JonahGod of Compassion – God’s Grace to All PeopleJonah785-760 B.C.A reluctant prophet, running from God, is swallowed by a giant fish.
33MicahGod of Justice – Divine JudgmentMicah742-687 B.CIsrael and Judah will suffer for their idolatry and injustice.
34NahumGod of Wrath – ConsolationNahum663-612 B.C.Powerful, wicked Nineveh will fall before God’s judgment.
35HabakkukGod of Sovereignty – Trusting a Sovereign GodHabakkuk612-589 B.C.Trust God even when He seems unresponsive.
36ZephaniahGod of Judgment – The “Great Day of the Lord”Zephaniah640-621 B.C.A coming “day of the Lord” promises heavy judgment.
37HaggaiGod of Renewal – Rebuilding the TempleHaggai520 B.C.Jews returning from exile need to rebuild God’s temple.
38ZechariahGod of Restoration – God’s DeliveranceZechariah520-475 B.C.Jewish exiles should rebuild their temple — and anticipate their Messiah.
39MalachiGod of Worship – Formalism RebukedMalachi450-430 B.C.The Jews have become careless in their attitude toward God.
Summaries of Bible Books

These summaries of Bible books are a great way to comprehend the main message, which is contained within each book. After reading these summaries of Bible books, we hope you will be encouraged to read the Bible every day. The summaries of Bible books show the significance of each book, and how it relates to the Bible as a whole. The summaries of Bible books will add tremendous value to your study of the Greatest Book ever written.

Our collection of Bible summaries will provide an overview of the primary idea of each book. The summaries of Bible books will teach the wise writings in these texts and support you in gaining a broad picture of the books of the Bible and how they fit together. The summaries of Bible books are intended to enhance your reading experience and should not be used as an alternative for reading the Bible.


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