Awe-inspiring God Rescues Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible (Genesis 21)

The Story of Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible shows that our God has a special place in His heart for the afflicted. Though Ishmael is not the chosen seed, God remembers His promise toward Ishmael given to Abraham and rescues him from death. Many are full of the grace of God’s providence that are strangers to the blessings of his covenant.

Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible

We find the story of Hagar and Ishmael in the Bible in the Book of Genesis 21. Being sent away by Abraham, they wander in the Desert of Beersheba and when their water bag becomes empty and Ishmael cries of thirst and dehydration, his mother is not able to watch him die. However, God heard the cry of Ishmael and sent an angel who consoled Hagar and promised that her son will become a great nation. Moreover, He opened her eyes to see a well of water.

Ishmael in the Bible

Here, we need to get the facts right. The Bible does not say that God made a well appear, however, He opened her eyes and Hagar saw a well of water. That means that the well was already there and Hagar did not see it before.

Many times in life you might be walking in the desert lost and tired just like Ishmael. Everything around you might seem hopeless and the mountain of challenges appear insurmountable. However, know for sure that God will hear your cries and open your eyes so that you will see exactly what benefits you and use the opportunities that He has set before you.

The story of Ishmael in the Bible is a beautiful example of God caring for the lost and broken, especially when there is little to be found from others.

God will not let you die in the wilderness just as He did not let Ishmael. He will surely save as you are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood. You have been set apart from other people. May God open your eyes wherever you are in JESUS mighty name!

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