Isaac and Rebekah — A Tender Love Story | 4 Impressive Lessons

The Story of Isaac and Rebekah (Rebecca) in the Bible (Genesis 24) is a beautiful love story that is sandwiched between the life of the patriarch Abraham and the adventures of his grandson Jacob.

Isaac and Rebekah – God Makes A Perfect Match

Lessons from the Life of Isaac and Rebekah (Bible Stories)

Isaac and Rebekah Rebecca Bible Stories
Rebekah (Rebecca) Watering Abraham’s Camels
  1. The story of Isaac and Rebekah teaches us that when our Almighty God makes a promise, He will and does everything needed to uphold His promise. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son by God and their offspring would become a great nation. When they become too old to have children, our Creator supernaturally gave them a son whom they named Isaac. When Isaac became forty years old, Abraham wanted to get him married to one of his distant family members. He did not want to pick just any girl from any land. Abraham believed that God would lead his servant to find the right woman.
  2. The story of Isaac and Rebekah shows that when we pray to God with a sincere heart, He answers our prayers. God answered the chief servant’s prayer exactly as he asked. The woman was even willing to leave her home and travel to Canaan. Sometimes, God does not give us definitely what we want. Other times, He does. We need to know that God will give us what He thinks is best for us.
  3. Doing things God’s way leads to many blessings. Abraham obeyed God by finding a wife for his son the Almighty’s way. Abraham’s servant was able to be a part of God’s plan because he trusted and rested in the Lord. Our Heavenly Father’s perfect plan for marriage is one man with one woman for a lifetime. The Story of Isaac and Rebekah is a tender love story that lasted for a lifespan.
  4. The Story of Isaac and Rebekah guides us to pray to God about our future. We need to ask God to mold us into lovable beings who would be a wonderful husband or wife. If you are unmarried, ask God to lead you to the husband or wife He knows is right for you, and He will guide you to the right person at the right time.

Beautiful illustrations and easy-to-understand retelling of favorite Bible stories will help develop faith in young hearts as well as an understanding of God and His people. The Story of Isaac and Rebekah will engage and entertain young children and inspire them to obey God.

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