5 Important Life Lessons from Animals

Do you know that there many important life lessons we can learn from animals? These lessons learned from our fellow creatures will motivate, transform, and empower you to reach for your dreams and succeed. The inspirational life lessons you will learn here will remind you that if it is worth it, keep persevering, and you will eventually find a path.

6 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! 7 It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, 8 yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. Proverbs 6:6-8

Inspirational Life Lessons / Important Life Lessons

Here are five important life lessons that will always provide the fuel to go some extra miles and will inspire you to never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes that they can become true except you.

important life lessons inspirational life lessons

Value Teamwork: Animals have enemies too, however, having each other’s back is the key to their survival. We know now that even birds and animals have social cliques because it maintains the stability of the ecosystem. Did you know, animals that live in groups are less likely to become the victim of predators?

The most successful hunters in the African Plains are the Wild Dogs. They track their prey in groups, rest when they are tired, and work together to hunt down their prey and then share the meal.

The important lesson to learn here is that being able to set aside differences and work together for the mutual benefit of our group helps us to become more altruistic, understanding, and compassionate.

Teamwork in God’s ministry preserves harmony and peace and helps to achieve our goal of glorifying God and leading others to Jesus Christ.


Be Patient: Leopards have large eyes, which provide them with an amazing vision that helps to determine distance accurately. They stalk their prey with steady precision, slowly pacing with paws down so as not to make any sound. They exhibit great patience when they hunt, quietly pursuing their prey until they are ready to pounce.

The important lesson here is that patience is the key to success. Never losing sight of our goals and always maintaining a firm resolve will help us achieve our objectives.

We need patience to do the will of God and to inherit His promises.


Embrace Your Failures: Being the King or Queen of the Jungle does not mean a Lion never fails. Did you know that lions fail eight out of ten times while hunting their prey? However, they never lose hope and keep trying by improvising their skills and changing their approach to make a better hunt.

We always need to remember that failure is the stepping stone to success. We need to accept our failures and make sure never to repeat them. We need to survive and progress by learning through our mistakes.

God has sufficient grace to forgive our sins, weaknesses, and poor choices. He can turn even our failures into victories.

important life lessons inspirational life lessons

Be Humble and Respect Elders: Despite being so mighty and huge, an elephant always remains graceful and does not harm other creatures until it is provoked. They are humble, loyal, and kind animals, which are family-oriented.

These majestic creatures follow ancient migratory routes to get to fresh water and food sources. These routes sometimes would not have been traveled in generations. But, how do they manage this? This knowledge of where to shelter and which direction to travel for fresh pastures has been passed down over generations.

Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures whose wisdom lies in learning, knowledge, experience, and relying on their instincts. The matriarchs are the truest leaders whose wealth of information, experience, and acumen help the herds to survive and grow in the toughest conditions.

We need to be humble and listen to our elders when we are trying to do something. We need to realize that those with more years on the planet can always teach us a trick or two that is worth taking the time to listen to and learn from.

We need to trust and obey God as He leads us to see Him work powerfully in our circumstances. We need to respect God for He is our creator and apply His word to our lives as respecting Him means following His rules.

important life lessons inspirational life lessons

Do Smart Work: Ants teach us that to survive, grow, and flourish in life we need not only work hard but also use our heads to work smart. We can never find ants lazy, stagnant, and chilling out. They are full of surprises, intrigues, and downright weird. They always have a work agenda, whether to find food, carry loads multiple times heavier than their weight, or carving a new ant hole.

They create complex underground structures (tunnels) and living systems and help each other carry leaves back to their colony to use as mulch for raising fungus, which they eat to survive. They navigate by integrating various types of information such as direction traveled, land type, smells, the number of steps, wind, angles of the sun, and visual memories of landmarks.

Working smart means using our mind to minimize the extra steps in performing our tasks, so that we use our time wisely and more effectively to get things done quickly.

When it comes to performing the Lord’s work we need to ask ourselves: What could we do differently? How does it make a difference? We need to plan smart and make new strategies for achieving the necessary results with the help of God.

Life Lesson Meaning

A life lesson is a lesson we learn in life (lessons learned in life). Life lessons mean learning from mistakes and putting that learning into practice so we gain value experience. Life lessons are moments that need to be remembered and are based on an individual’s life experiences as they are unique to each person.

Important life lessons are learned the hard way and are a byproduct of life itself. Life lessons are a beautiful gift but do not always come in shiny packages. Life lessons are about transforming yourself and your outlook.

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