How to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time — 4 Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue

If you are feeling tired all day, your efficiency and ability to focus will decrease dramatically. Some of the causes of feeling fatigue are lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle habits, heavy exertion, aging, or sometimes an underlying illness or health problem. This article will provide the answers to how to stop feeling tired all the time.

Are You Feeling Tired All the Time? (How to Stop Feeling Tired?)

Many of you want to accomplish your “to-do list“ each day; however, it is just not possible due to various reasons. One of the major reasons for failure to achieve your day-to-day goals is fatigue. If you are always feeling tired and low on energy, your productivity and mood get severely disrupted. You must recharge your mind continuously to eliminate fatigue, which leads to mistakes, exhaustion, and inactivity.

4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue (How to Stop Feeling Tired?)

You can overcome fatigue by following the four simple steps given below.

  1. Sleep right – You need to sleep early and wake up early. There are no rigid rules on how many hours one should sleep in a day. Some people may need 8 hours; while others may need only need 4 to 6 hours. The key is to examine your normal sleeping patterns and discover the ideal number of hours of sleep that gives you optimum energy for the day
  2. Exercise – Exercise helps you to overcome tiredness and improves your heart and circulatory system. It also helps your muscles get rid of stress and enhances your mood.
  3. Eating Healthy – Nowadays, people eat more junk food than healthy meals. Junk foods lead to depression and fatigue. Spinach, potatoes, whole grains, corn flakes, pineapples, and fish are good healthy alternatives to junk food.
  4. Recharge your Mind – Always keep your mind fresh with new ideas. Remove negative thoughts, emotions, and memories.

Encouraging Scripture Verses that Shows How to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

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A Renewing Prayer for an Exhausted Heart (How to Stop Feeling Tired)

Dear Sovereign God,

I come before Your presence tired and worn out. My mind is filled with worries, and I feel overwhelmed with the constant struggles and demands of this life. It seems all my strength has left me, and it is hard to keep going in the face of rejection, failure, and so much negativity. God, I lay my troubles before You and wash Your feet with my tears.

Heal my broken heart, bind my wounds, and comfort and reassure me that You will hold me tight in Your mighty loving arms. Let me feel the love and warmth of Your divine compassion. Look with mercy on my affliction and keep me ever in Your watch. Fill me with Your everlasting joy so that I may rejoice in You and pray for others who are suffering and depressed during these troubled days.

Please fill me with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and give me the grace, peace, and vigor to complete the tasks at hand. Restore my mind so that I may function efficiently and focus on what You want me to do next. Give me the vibrancy to start my day positively, give me shelter to put my burdens down and rest before I begin again, give me the patience to wait and trust in Your good promises, and give me hope to face another day and what is to come in my life according to Your will.

Forgive me Lord for disobeying Your commands and not trusting You with all my heart. Fill me with Your wisdom and insight so that I may be able to make good judgment when faced with difficult decisions. Heal me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and shield me from suffering and affliction. Let me walk with a light heart and a renewed spirit.

Help me to manage my time so that I will get the rest I require and let go of the distractions and non-essentials that wear me down and suck my resources to the point of exhaustion. Make me flexible, strong, and bold in the face of extraordinary challenges and enormous opportunities.

Lord, I thank You for the new mercies you give every morning, thank You for throwing off the spirit of heaviness and giving me a garment of praise, thank You for giving me divine peace, thank You for removing my weariness and giving me rest, thank You for holding me in the palm of Your hands, thank You for guiding my steps and thoughts every day, thank You for not abandoning me in hopeless situations, and thank You for the energy You kindle in me and bringing me to light.

In Jesus’ mighty, holy, gracious, glorious, and powerful name, I pray. Amen.

We hope the four practical ways we discussed will help you put an end to the question of how to stop feeling tired all the time. We encourage you to read the scriptures that will rejuvenate you and provide solution to how to stop feeling tired all day. Say the renewing prayer that will bolster your heart and enable you to break away from the challenge of how to stop feeling tired.

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