The Blessed Happy New Year Song — Another Year Is Dawning

Another Year Is Dawning is a beautiful and popular New Year Song that reminds us of our Almighty Creator’s mercy, faithfulness, and grace. It is a happy new year song that we sing as we enter another year asking God to come so that we can rest and trust in His love and grace. It is a seasonal prayer hymn that praises Our Father for his faithfulness toward all.

Enjoy the lovely lyrics and melody of this New Year Song, which is a traditional and classic Christian hymn. Let us enter this New Year with hope and positivity as we serve, worship, follow, and witness.

The Blessed New Year Song

1 Another year is dawning!
Dear Father, let it be,
in working or in waiting,
another year with thee;
another year of progress,
another year of praise,
another year of proving
thy presence all the days.

2 Another year of mercies,
of faithfulness and grace;
another year of gladness
in the shining of thy face;
another year of leaning
upon thy loving breast,
another year of trusting,
of quiet, happy rest.

3 Another year of service,
of witness for thy love;
another year of training
for holier work above.
Another year is dawning!
Dear Father, let it be
on earth, or else in heaven,
another year for thee.

Author of the Happy New Year Song “Another Year Is Dawning”

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879) was the author of this wonderful New Year Song. She was an English poet and hymn-writer who wrote popular hymns such as “Take My Life and Let it Be” and “Thy Life for Me” (also known as “I Gave My Life for Thee”). She also wrote gospel tracts and books for children (“Little Pillows, Morning Bells, and Morning Stars” and “Bruey and the Four Happy Days”).

Havergal wrote the words of this New Year Song as a poem for her New Year greeting cards in 1874. The New Year Song was subsequently published in her works “Under the Surface” (1874), and “Life Chords” 1880. Later it was included in many hymn books and motivated thousands of people at the beginning of a new year.

New Year Song, Happy New Year Song, Frances Ridley Havergal

Havergal was the daughter of clergyman, hymn-writer, composer, and writer William Henry Havergal. She began writing at age seven and her hymns praised the love of God, His Glorious Works, and His way of salvation. Wherever she went she asked people whether they knew the joy of salvation and inspired others to follow Christ. She devoted her life to proclaiming the truth of the Gospel by personal labors and literary efforts.

Her work “Another Year Is Dawning” is a hymn to sing to our Beloved Father in Heaven on New Year’s Eve. It is a prayer to God for Whom everything is possible and entreats Him for a year full of rest and trust in Him. Let us sing this amazing Happy New Year Song and look forward to another year with the Lord.

Our collection of gospel songs, which are worship songs will take us to deeper levels of worship and reflection on God. These Christian songs will lift your heart to a place of praise and thanksgiving and add a new dimension to your quiet time with God.

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