Story of the Fox and the Grapes — 3 Timely Lessons

The Story of the Fox and the Grapes is one of Aesop‘s Fables that makes a strong point about how we often hate what we cannot have.

Story of the Fox and the Grapes

One sunny afternoon, an old wily fox was taking a walk in the jungle. He was hungry and looking to feed on something. He came across a beautiful bunch of ripe grapes hanging from a vine trailing on the bark and branches of a tree. The fox mouth watered at the sight of the grapes as they looked ready to burst with their sweet juices. He was filled with joy as the grapes looked tasty and thought that if it could get the bunch of grapes, it would be enough to quench its thirst in the sweltering heat of the afternoon.

He gazed longingly at the grapes as the bunch hung from a high branch, and it was not sure that it could reach it. Moved by hunger and temptation, the fox tried to reach the grapes. Since the grapes were hanging high in the vine, the fox jumped to grab hold of the lowest bunch, but to its disappointment, it missed it by a long way. He jumped, again and again, to reach the grapes, but with no great success.

story of the fox and the grapes, the grapes and the fox

The hanging grapes appeared near, but whenever the fox tried to jump and pluck them, they seemed very far. Frustrated, the poor fox decided to make one last effort. It walked a few meters away and took a running leap at the grapevine. However, it fell short once more. The fox finally gave up and looked at the grapes with disgust. It frowned and walked away mumbling to itself, “What a fool I am! I should not be wearing myself about getting a bunch of grapes that are sour and not worth trying for?”

The fox did not want to admit that it was unable to achieve its goal. So to cover its big ego, damaged pride, and shortcomings, it claimed that the grapes were not sweet, and it would not have truly enjoyed them anyway.

What is The Moral of The Fox and The Grapes Story? – 3 Lessons

The first lesson from the story of the fox and the grapes is that it is natural for us to dislike, despise, belittle, or scorn something that is not within our reach. The second lesson from the story of the fox and the grapes is that it is easy to give up, but we can only build real strength when we keep fighting until we succeed. In this story, the fox failed and left with bitterness, but we should never give up and keep on working hard till we reach our goals.

The third lesson from the story of the fox and the grapes is we should never complain and talk bad about others if we face rejection. We should never spin fictional narratives to cope with our failures and our inability to get people to like us. Understand we can never force people to like us and our desire should not quickly turn to hatred.

The Story of the Fox and the Grapes is one of those moral stories that suggests that people sometimes get what they really deserve.

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