A Thousand Praise Offerings [101-150]

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101 God who calls us by name I Praise You Isa 45:4

102 God who calls into existence the things that do not exist I Praise You Rom 4:17

103 God who never lies I Praise You Heb 6:18

104 Truly You are God who hides Yourself I Praise You Isa 45:15

105 God who has made His light shine upon us I Praise You Ps 118:27

106 God who shines forth out of Zion I Praise You Ps 50:2

107 God who speaks in His Holiness I Praise You Ps 60:6

108 God who reigns forever to all generations I Praise You Ps 146:10

109 God who is good to those who are pure in heart I Praise You Ps 73:1

110 You are a God of hand and not a God afar off I Praise You Jer 23:23

111 God who is enthroned for ever I Praise You Ps 55:19

Lord I/We Praise You

112 Lord of Lords I Praise You Rev 17:14

113 Lord God I Praise You Ex 23:17

114 Lord of Hosts I Praise You Ps 46:7

115 Lord of peace I Praise You 2 Thessalonians 3:16

116 Lord of Kings I Praise You Dan 2:47

117 Lord our Counsellor I Praise You Isa 9:6

118 The Lord who heals us I Praise You Ex 15:26

119 Lord Most high I Praise You Ps 47:2

120 Lord our Holy one I Praise You Isa 43:15

121 Lord who sanctifies us I Praise You Lev 20:8

122 Righteous Lord I Praise You Zep 3:5

123 Lord our righteousness I Praise You Jer 23:6

124 Lord our everlasting light I Praise You Isa 60:19

125 Lord God of all flesh I Praise You Jer 32:27

126 Lord God of Hebrews I Praise You Ex 9:1

127 Lord who helps us I Praise You Isa 44:2

128 The Lord who judges me I Praise You 1 Cor 4:4

129 Lord our God who goes before us I Praise You Deut 1:30

130 Lord the Spirit I Praise You 2Cor 3:17

131 One Lord, Jesus Christ I Praise You 1 Cor 8:6

132 Great is the Lord and Greatly to be praised So, I Praise You Ps 48:1

133 Lord You are Good I Praise You Ps 135:3

134 Unchanging Lord I Praise You Mal 3:6

135 The Lord is upright So, I Praise You Ps 92:15

136 O Lord God of truth I Praise You Ps 31:5

137 Mighty Lord I Praise You Ps 89:8

138 Lord God of heaven I Praise You Gen 24:7

139 Lord of heaven and earth I Praise You Lk 10:21

140 Lord of the whole earth I Praise You Zech 4:14

141 Lord of the both the dead and the living I Praise You Rom 14:9

142 Lord Your dominion is an everlasting dominion and Your kingdom is from generation to generation I Praise You Dan 4:34

The King I/We Praise You

143 Lord the King I Praise You Ps 98:6

144 King of kings I Praise You Rev 19:16

145 King of glory I Praise You Ps 24:7

146 Great king I Praise You Ps 48:2

147 King of saints I Praise You Rev 15:3

148 King of Salem I Praise You Heb 7:2

149 King of righteousness I Praise You Heb 7:2

150 Spotless King I Praise You

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