A Thousand Praise Offerings [51-100]

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51 You are God in heaven and in earth beneath I Praise You Josh 2:11

52 God who rules in Jacob unto the ends of the earth I Praise You Ps 59:13

53 God of wonders I Praise You Ex 15:11

54 Mighty God I Praise You Isa 9:6

55 Almighty God I Praise You Gen 17:1

56 God who rules the raging of the sea I Praise You Ps 89:9

57 True God I Praise You 1Thes 1:9

58 The only true God I Praise You Jn 17:3

59 One God the Father I Praise You 1Cor 8:6

60 The only wise God I Praise You 1Tim 1:17

61 God of our Lord Jesus Christ I Praise You Eph 1:17

62 Call to me when trouble comes; I will save you, and you will praise me I Praise You Ps 50:15

63 Holy God I Praise You 1Sam 6:20

64 God of truth I Praise You Isa 65:16

65 God of promises I Praise You I Kings 8:56

66 God of hope I Praise You Rom 15:13

67 God who keeps His covenant I Praise You Dan 9:4

68 Merciful God I Praise You Deut 4:31

69 God who is rich in mercy I Praise You Eph 2:4

70 God of righteous I Praise You Ps 4:1

71 God of vengeance I Praise You Ps 94:1

72 God of truth and without iniquity I Praise You Deut 32:4

73 God of hosts I Praise You Ps 89:8

74 My God… My God I Praise You Matt 27:46

75 God who begot me (God that formed me) I Praise You Deut 32:18

76 God who sees me I Praise You Gen 16:13

77 God who appears unto His people I Praise You Gen 12:7

78 God of the spirits of all flesh I Praise You Num 16:22

79 God who is blessed for ever I Praise You 2 Cor 11:31

80 God who lives forever I Praise You Deut 32:40

81 God who reigns forever I Praise You Ex 15:18

82 The only wise God I Praise You 1 Tim 1:17

83 God Revealer of secrets (mysteries) I Praise You Dan 2:47

84 My God and King I Praise You Ps 145:1

85 Great God I Praise You Ps 77:13

86 God of riches I Praise You Phil 4:19

87 God who supplies every need I Praise You Phil 4:19

88 God who gives the increase I Praise You 1 Cor 3:7

89 God who gives us victory I Praise You 1 Cor 15:57

90 God of peace I Praise You 1 Thes 5:23

91 God who is angry with the wicked I Praise You Ps 7:11

92 Jealous God I Praise You Ex 20:5

93 God who forgives us I Praise You Ps 99:8

94 Wonder working God I Praise You Ps 77:4

95 God who makes all things I Praise You Ecc 11:5

96 God of my salvation I Praise You Ps 24:5

97 God our saviour I Praise You 1 Tim 2:3

98 God who is the health of my countenance I Praise You Ps 42:1

99 God of my exceeding joy I Praise You Ps 43:4

100 Blessed God I Praise You 1 Tim 1:11

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