A Thousand Praise Offerings [151-200]

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151 King eternal I Praise You 1Tim 1:17

152 King Immortal I Praise You 1Tim 1:17

153 King invisible I Praise You 1Tim 1:17

154 King of the Jews I Praise You Mat 27:11

155 King of Israel I Praise You Jn 1:49

156 King of Jacob I Praise You Isa 41:21

157 King in Jeshurun I Praise You Deut 33:5

158 The King upon the holy hill of Zion I Praise You Ps 2:6

159 The Lord of Kings I Praise You Dan 2:47

160 The One gives victory to the kings I Praise You Ps 144:10

161 Ruler of the kings of the earth I Praise You Rev 1:5

162 Prince of princess I Praise You Dan 8:25

163 King of all the earth I Praise You Ps 47:7

164 The Lord is terrible (awesome) to kings of the earth I Praise You Ps 76:12

165 King of peace I Praise You Heb 7:2

166 Our peace I Praise You Mic 5:5

167 Prince of peace I Praise You Isa 9:6

168 He who breaks the spirit of the rulers I Praise You Ps 76:12

169 He who brings the princes of nothing I Praise You Isa 40:23

170 King forever and ever I Praise You Ps 10:16

171 My King I Praise You Ps 84:3

172 King of heaven I Praise You Dan 4:37

173 Your dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth I Praise You Zech 9:10

174 There will be no end to Your kingdom I Praise You Lk 1:33

Lord The Holy One – I/We Praise You

175 Holy! Holy! Holy! I Praise You Rev 4:8

176 Most Holy I Praise You Dan 9:24

177 Holy one of Israel I Praise You Isa 43:3

178 Holy one of God I Praise You Lk 4:34

179 The Holy one who inhabits eternity I Praise You Isa 57:15

180 The Lord who says “I am Holy” I Praise You Lev 19:2

181 The Holy one in our midst I Praise You Hos 11:9

182 Glorious in holiness I Praise You Ex 15:11

183 Holy Child I Praise You Act 4:30

All Praises To Your Holy Name

184 Lord Jehovah I Praise You Ex 6:3

185 Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Shall Provide) I Praise You Gen 22:14

186 Jehovah Shalom (God of Peace) I Praise You Jud 6:24

187 Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is there) I Praise You Eze 48:35

188 Jehovah Nissi (The Lord is my Banner) I Praise You Ex 17:15

189 Jehovah Heleyon (The Lord Most High) I Praise You Ps 7:17

190 Jehovah Rohi (The Lord is my Shepherd) I Praise You Ps 23:1

191 Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord is our righteousness) I Praise You Jer 23:6

192 Jehovah Tsebahoth (The Lord of Hosts) I Praise You Isa 48:2

193 Jehovah Mekaddishkem (The Lord Who sanctifies me) I Praise You Lev 20:8

194 Jehovah Ropheca (God the Healer) I Praise You Ex 15:26

195 Jehovah Hoseenu (The Lord our maker) I Praise You Ps 95:6

196 Jehovah Eloheenu (Jehovah our God) I Praise You Ps 99:5

197 Jehovah Eloheka (Jehovah your God) I Praise You Ex 20:2

198 Jehovah Elohay (Jehovah my God) I Praise You Zech 14:5

199 Elohim (God is present everywhere) I Praise You Gen 1:1

200 Elshaddai (GOD ALMIGHTY) I Praise You Gen 17:1

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