Meaning of Harassment | 20 Amazing Bible Verses to Inspire Your Advocacy

Here we discover the meaning of harassment and explore four practical steps to stop workplace harassment. We will also look at 20 Bible verses that will inspire your advocacy.

Can you recall any incident in your life when you have experienced harassment either in school, college, or your workplace? Do you feel fear, anger, guilt, or sadness when you recall that incident, or were you able to move on quickly past that? Do you know that annoyance is one of the major causes of depression among students and employees?

Harassment behaviors include “criticizing socially significant markers” such as size, looks, ancestry, ethnicity, race, color, etc. Understand that you should never feel ashamed about the pestering incident as the aggressor or oppressor usually feels insecure and targets others to feel better about himself/herself.

Meaning of Harassment

Let us now first understand the meaning of harassment. We will find below three different meaning of harassment.

define harassment, meaning of harassment

How to Prevent Harassment in the Workplace — 4 Simple Ways to Stop Harassment

Given below are four simple steps that you can take to stop the harassment.

  1. First of all, evaluate the situation. Note down each infraction with the date, time, and nature and plan countermeasures.
  2. Next, try to talk with the aggressor. Approach the concerned individual and request a private meeting. Do not try to harass back during the meeting. This is a no-win deal. Make a stand. Try to explain calmly and professionally to the oppressor and tell him/her that his/her behavior affects you and ask him/her to stop.
  3. Try to look for trends and avoid the negative ones. Bullies have a set pattern of habits, and once you become more aware of these trends, you can develop a plan to counter them, which will put you in a better position to stop the harassment.
  4. Finally, report the incident to your superiors and authorities. Refer to your notes and outline the harasser’s behavior to them. This will effectively silence the oppressor in most cases, as bullies are afraid of being caught and punished.

20 Bible Verses to Inspire Your Advocacy (Stop Harassment Quotes)

We should not be silent spectators when injustice prevails at various levels in our society. The Living Word of God calls us to help the oppressed, needy, poor, marginalized, and downtrodden. The Bible is filled with many verses in which the Almighty specifically asks us to speak for justice on behalf of those in need. We need to reflect on God’s call to justice and advocate for those who cannot help themselves.

harassment definition, meaning of harassment
stop harassment quotes, meaning of harassment, define harassment

Our collection of Bible Verses by Topic will encourage you to read the Word of God daily, will target the very issue you are dealing with at the moment, and motivate you to find your strength in Jesus Christ.

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