A Thousand Praise Offerings [301-350]

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301 You are like a gazelle or a young stag I Praise You Song 2:9

302 You are loved by virgins I Praise You Song 1:3

303 You are loved by the righteous I Praise You Song 1:4

304 Beloved Son I Praise You Matt 3:17

305 Loving Son (Dear Son) I Praise You Col 1:13

306 Son of the Most High God I Praise You Mk 5:7

307 Christ – the Son of the Blessed I Praise You Mk 14:61

308 Son of man I Praise You Lk 21:36

309 Son who has been made perfect forever I Praise You Heb 7:28

310 He who is called Son of David I Praise You Matt 20:30

311 God who never fails in His promises I Praise You

312 Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever I Praise You Heb 13:8

313 Perfect in Love I Praise You

314 Father in heaven You are perfect I Praise You Matt 5:48

315 He who is perfect in knowledge I Praise You Job 37:16

316 Light of the world I Praise You Jn 12:46

317 The true light I Praise You Jn 1:9

318 The light that enlightens everyman I Praise You Jn 1:9

319 Light to the nations I Praise You Isa 49:6

320 The faithful witness I Praise You Rev 1:5

321 The Lamb that had been slain I Praise You Rev 5:6

322 Lamb of God I Praise You Jn 1:36

323 The one Shepherd I Praise You Eze37:24

324 Great Shepherd I Praise You Heb 13:20

325 Good Shepherd I Praise You Jn 10:11

326 He who had laid down His life for the sheep I Praise You Jn 10:11

327 Chief Shepherd I Praise You 1 Pet 5:4

328 Shepherd and Guardian I Praise You 1 Pet 2:25

329 You were wounded for our transgressions I Praise You Isa 53:5

330 You were bruised for our iniquities I Praise You Isa 53:5

331 You bore the sin of many I Praise You Isa 53:12

332 You took our infirmities and bore our sickness I Praise You Matt 8:17

333 You bore our grief and carried our sorrows I Praise You Isa 53:4

334 You shed Your blood for us I Praise You Col 1:20

335 The chastisement for our peace was upon You So, I Praise You Isa 53:5

336 He who tasted death for everyone I Praise You Heb 2:9

337 You were mocked for our sake I Praise You Ps 22:7

338 You were scorned by men I Praise You Ps 22:6

339 You were despised by the people I Praise You Ps 22:6

340 You were numbered with transgressors I Praise You Isa 53:12

341 He who made intercession for the transgressors I Praise You Isa 53:12

342 For Your stripes that heal us I Praise You Isa 53:5

343 Resurrected Christ I Praise You Lk 24:6

344 The resurrection and the life I Praise You Jn 11:25

345 The way, the truth and the life I Praise You Jn 14:6

346 The First Born I Praise You Heb 1:6

347 The First Fruit I Praise You 1Cor 15:20

348 The Door, whoever enters through me will be saved I Praise You Jn 10:9

349 Conqueror of death I Praise You 1Cor 15:55

350 He who is seated at the right hand of God I Praise You Col 3:1

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