A Thousand Praise Offerings [351-400]

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351 The one who has the keys of death and hell I Praise You Rev 1:18

352 He that has the key of David I Praise You Rev 3:7

353 He that shuts that no man opens I Praise You Rev 3:7

354 He that opens that no man shuts I Praise You Rev 3:7

355 Bread from heaven I Praise You Jn 6:50

356 Bread of life I Praise You Jn 6:48

357 River of life I Praise You

358 The fountain of living water I Praise You Jer 17:13

359 Author (Prince) of life I Praise You Act 3:15

360 Our life and length of our life I Praise You Deut 30:20

361 Word of life I Praise You 1Jn 1:1

362 Light of life I Praise You Jn 8:12

363 He who proclaimed the light I Praise You Act 26:23

364 Rock of our salvation I Praise You Deut 32:15

365 Everlasting rock I Praise You Isa 26:4

366 Spiritual rock I Praise You 1Cor 10:4

367 The rock who begot me I Praise You Deut 32:18

368 The strength (rock) of my heart I Praise You Ps 73:26

369 Rock of my strong hold I Praise You Isa 17:10

370 Rock of my refuge and my inhabitation I Praise You Ps 71:3

371 My Redeemer I Praise You Ps 19:14

372 My Helper I Praise You Heb 13:6

373 My Hope I Praise You Ps 39:7

374 My Husbandman I Praise You Isa 54:5

375 My Creator I Praise You Isa 54:5

376 My Friend I Praise You Song5:16

377 My Beloved, the pleasant I Praise You Song1:16

378 You are my praise I Praise You Deut 10:21

379 My salvation I Praise You Ps 27:1

380 The strength of my salvation I Praise You Ps 140:7

381 My strength and my song I Praise You Ex 15:2

382 The strength of my life I Praise You Ps 27:1

383 My light I Praise You Ps 27:1

384 My Holy one I Praise You Hab 1:12

385 My covert I Praise You Isa 32:2

386 My glory I Praise You Ps 3:3

387 My goodness I Praise You Ps 144:2

388 My hiding place I Praise You Ps 119:114

389 My high tower I Praise You Ps 144:2

390 You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup I Praise You Ps 16:5

391 You maintain my lot I Praise You Ps 16:5

392 My portion in the land of the living I Praise You Ps 142:5

393 Guide of my youth I Praise You Jer 3:4

394 My Master I Praise You Jn 11:28

395 My beloved is mine I Praise You Song 6:3

396 The one who cares about me I Praise You 1 Pet 5:7

397 My witness I Praise You Job 16:19

398 He who goes over before me I Praise You Deut 9:3

399 My Judge I Praise You Job 9:15

400 Judge of all the earth I Praise You Gen 18:25

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