A Thousand Praise Offerings [501-550]

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501 Our Protector I Praise You

502 Our Mediator I Praise You 1Tim 2:5

503 Our Brother I Praise You Mk 3:35

504 He who dwells in the high and holy place I Praise You Is 57:15

505 Our Holy sanctuary I Praise You Isa 8:14

506 Worthy of glory I Praise You Rev 5:12

507 Crown of glory I Praise You Isa 28:5

508 Diadem of beauty I Praise You Isa 28:5

509 A Child and Son I Praise You Isa 9:6

510 Gracious and full of compassion I Praise You Ps 111:4

511 The desire of every nation I Praise You Hag 2:7

512 O God, to you belong all nations So, I Praise You Ps 82:8

513 The Most High who divided their inheritance of the nations I Praise You Deut 32:8

514 Heir of all things I Praise You Heb 1:2

515 He who upholds all things by the word of His power I Praise You Heb 1:3

516 He who bore (bears) us on eagle’s wings I Praise You Ex 19:4

517 He who keeps me as an apple of an eye I Praise You Ps 17:8

518 Your right hand shall hold me I Praise You Ps 139:10

519 You are my shade at my right hand I Praise You Ps 121:5

520 The Blessed and only potentate I Praise You 1Tim 6:15

521 One who is immortal I Praise You 1Tim 6:16

522 The unseen I Praise You 1Tim 6:16

523 The Brightness of His glory I Praise You Heb 1:3

524 The last Adam I Praise You 1Cor15:45

525 Father, the vine dresser I Praise You Jn 15:1

526 The true vine I Praise You Jn 15:1

527 The sower of good seeds I Praise You Matt 13:37

528 He who prunes the branch to bear more fruits I Praise You Jn 15:2

529 Author and Finisher of our faith I Praise You Heb 12:1

530 The Breaker (He who breaks open the barriers) I Praise You Mic 2:13

531 The Lord who fights for me I Praise You Ex 14:14

532 Consuming fire I Praise You Heb 12:29

533 You are like refiner’s fire and like fuller’s soap I Praise You Mal 3:2

534 The great and awesome God I Praise You Deut 7:21

535 You are awesome in Your doing toward sons of men I Praise You Ps 66:5

536 The shield of my help I Praise You Deut 33:29

537 Heavenly Bread (Manna) I Praise You Jn 6:32

538 The Potter I Praise You Jer 18:6

539 God with no partiality I Praise You Rom 2:11

540 A tried, precious cornerstone I Praise You Isa 28:16

541 A sure foundation I Praise You Isa 28:16

542 You are anointed with oil of gladness I Praise You Heb 1:9

543 The Ancient days I Praise You Dan 7:9

544 Lord, who is slow to anger I Praise You Nah 1:13

545 The express image of God’s person I Praise You Heb 1:3

546 You are of purer eyes I Praise You Hab 1:13

547 Head of the body of Church I Praise You Col 1:18

548 The Lord who nourishes and cherishes the Church I Praise You Eph 5:29

549 Lion of the tribe of Judah I Praise You Rev 5:5

550 Man of war I Praise You Ex 15:3

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