Astonishing Abraham and Isaac — Abraham Offering Up Isaac (10 Lessons)

The Story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the most famous stories in the Bible (Genesis 21 and Genesis 22). Here, the Almighty God tests the faith of Abraham. When God asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son, he is willing to do so. However, God mercifully reprieves.

Key Lessons from the Story of Abraham and Isaac

abraham and isaac genesis 22

Here are ten important and powerful lessons to be learned from the story of Abraham and Isaac.

  1. God tested Abraham, which was not a test to produce faith, but a test to reveal the faith that God had built into Abraham over the years.
  2. We can see Abraham’s immediate response of faith in that there is no sign of hesitation on Abraham’s part to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. In a case of amazing and trusting obedience, Abraham went right to the spot which God had told him.
  3. Abraham was full of faith when he spoke to the servants who were with him when he reached the mountain to sacrifice Isaac. He believed that both he and Issac would return. “We will come back”, he told them so.
  4. Isaac’s perfect obedience to Abraham. He did not resist or escape even though he knew he would be sacrificed.
  5. Abraham had faith in God’s ability to raise Isaac from the dead due to God’s promise concerning Isaac (Genesis 17:19). That was the reason he was willing to plunge the knife into Isaac. He did not believe that God will stop the sacrifice.
  6. God assuredly showed Abraham that He was not like the pagan gods worshiped by the Canaanites and others (Human sacrifices were made to these gods to please them.) God strongly demonstrated that He did not want human sacrifice.
  7. Abraham showed his heart towards God that he trusted and loved him in that he was willing to give up his only son.
  8. Meanwhile, God still required a sacrifice. He did not call off the sacrifice. Instead, He required that there be a substitute provided by Himself. God had provided a ram for the sacrifice.
  9. Abraham named the place “The LORD Will Provide (Jehovah Jireh).” The naming of the place was significant.
  10. God reconfirmed His promise to Abraham in light of his faith.

Bonus Lesson: The story of Abraham and Isaac reveals another important fact. God called Isaac “your only son,” when in reality Abraham had another son, Ishmael. However, Ishmael was put away from the family of Abraham (Genesis 21:8-14). As far as God’s covenant was concerned, Isaac was the only son of Abraham.

The Story of Abraham and Isaac is one of wholehearted faith and absolute obedience to God.

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