Amazing Facts About Frogs

Frogs are one of the unique creatures that provide a wonderful demonstration of God’s intelligent creativity. There are different species of them varying in color, size, and markings.

Frogs are a diverse, carnivorous group of cold-blooded animals who are exceptional jumpers. The red-eyed tree frogs are adept climbers that are found in tropical lowlands from southern Mexico throughout Central America to Colombia.

Amazing Facts About Frogs
  • Did you know that a frog sheds its skin about once a week and usually eats it?
  • Did you know that frogs when swallowing their prey blink as it helps them push food down their throat?
  • Did you know that the golden poison dart frog’s skin produces a toxin of which one gram could kill 100,000 people?
  • Did you know that frogs do not drink water, they absorb it through their skin?
  • Did you know that the North American wood frog freezes during winter and is reanimated in the spring?
  • Did you know that the Goliath frog in West Africa is the biggest in the world weighing more than 7 pounds and measuring about 1 foot?
  • Did you know that frogs are found all over the world, except in Antarctica and some Oceanic islands?


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