Fascinating Facts About Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise (family Paradisaeidae) are one of the most colorful birds and breathtakingly beautiful creatures on the planet. Found mostly in the rain forests on the island of New Guinea and other surrounding islands, their displays of color, sound, and motion make these birds exceptional. Some species called manucodes and riflebirds are also found in eastern Australia.

Birds of paradise are also known for the variety of their sounds, swagger, serenade, dance, and display. The males use their voices to broadcast their location.

The birds of paradise range from as small as 8 inches to as large as 49 inches. There are approximately 45 species of birds of paradise that include small starling–sized birds to medium- and big-sized (crow-sized) birds.

These birds come in different vibrant colors and bright plumage of green, scarlet, blue, and yellow. Males often sport beautiful elongated feathers known as wires or streamers. Some of the species have massive head plumes or other unique ornaments, such as breast shields or head fans.

I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine. Psalm 50:11

Birds of Paradise Characteristics

Birds of paradise use their feathers for three key purposes: flight, protection from the elements, and displays. The males extend specially shaped feathers, lining them up flawlessly to change their outline into a new shape. Their lustrous feathers, amazing colors, insistent sounds, and precise movements accentuate their appearance. The male birds’ unparalleled displays distinguish them as some of the earth’s most dramatic and attractive birds.

These are the characteristics of the most dazzling birds on the planet.

Birds of Paradise Wilson's Bird of Paradise facts about birds
The Wilson’s Bird of Paradise is a small, exotic bird that has an unique, turquoise crown. It is an omnivore and produces specific calls and sings songs during the courtship.

Facts About Birds

We hope these facts about birds has surprised, delighted, and triggered a renewed interest in our feathered friends.

Do you that these fabulous birds were once the target of skin hunters, who decimated some species. Does this lead to the question? Why people unnecessarily hunt and kill these attractive and ethereal birds?

Each one of us needs to help stop the poaching of birds and protect the environment around us.

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