25 Inspirational Charles Spurgeon Quotes — Powerful Words of Wisdom

Charles Spurgeon known as the “Prince of Preachers” said some of the most profound things about God, faith, prayer, grace, humility, and numerous other subjects. Here we have collected 25 inspirational Charles Spurgeon quotes and sayings that will encourage you to grow in faith and understanding of Christ.

Profound and Powerful Charles Spurgeon Quotes

A Brief Biography of Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon was a Baptist preacher who lived during the Victorian era in England. He was born in Kelvedon, Essex on 19th June 1834. He got converted at the age of 15 when he took refuge in a Primitive Methodist chapel in Colchester due to a snowstorm en route to an appointment. Here God opened his heart to the salvation message, and the Bible verse that influenced him was Isaiah 45:22. This event set him on the path to becoming an influential preacher who delivered more than 3,600 powerful sermons during his lifetime.

He wrote over 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, books on prayer, devotionals, poems, hymns, and one autobiography. He was the pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, the largest church during its time, with about 5,000 seats.

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The Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon Preaching in the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, United Kingdom

He openly condemned the owning of slaves and established Stockwell Orphanage for less fortunate boys and girls. In 1867, he started a charity organization, which is now called Spurgeon’s, and founded Spurgeon’s College, a theological college in Croydon, London. In 1855, he created the Penny Pulpit, a magazine that published one sermon per week until 1917.

Spurgeon died in Nice, France on 31st January 1892, where he was recuperating following his affliction (a combination of rheumatism, gout, and Bright’s disease). Charles Spurgeon was devoted to preaching the Gospel of Christ assuredly and simply so that people will understand the message of salvation and be changed to the way of holiness, truth, and abundant living. His messages continue to resonate with people even today (more than 125 years later) and enlighten those who are looking for direction in their Christian walk.

We hope these Charles Spurgeon quotes will challenge your faith and fuel your passion for God’s word. These Charles Spurgeon quotes are poetic and picturesque, which shed light on the power of prayer, Kingdom of God, faith, love, holiness, and Christianity.

Check our amazing collection of quotes that will inspire positivity, happy feelings, serenity, and spirituality. Our motivating quotes will boost your spirit and put you in the right frame of mind as you start your day.

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