From Failure to Success — 3 Practical Ways to Overcome Failure

Do you know that pushing through uncomfortable situations and failure to success is the best way to grow? Success and failure are practically inevitable events happening in everyone’s lives.

Have you ever failed so miserably that you lost all hope and just quit? Did you find yourself unmotivated, uninspired, and unproductive? Did you get overcome failure by seeking God’s help?

Everyone will have phases in their lives when it seems that they have hit a particular impenetrable wall. It is at this juncture that people make certain choices, whether it is to overcome the obstacle by faith in God or to remain silent. When people face barriers, the majority of them, become disillusioned and depressed, while a few become enlightened and renewed by the word of God. It is here that they realize what is God’s plan for them, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they want to shape themselves for the future with God’s will.

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Biblical Personalities’ Success and Failure

If you look at the lives of successful biblical characters, you can discern that after reaching the pinnacle of success, they faced a decline in their lives and careers. However, it can also be observed that they always sought God’s help and intervention to get out of a failing situation, repurpose their priorities, and move forward.

3 Practical Ways From Failure to Success

Biblical personalities such as Moses and David overcame the sense of hopelessness and impatience at the wall by boosting their confidence in God and learning new competencies to create a roadmap. The three practical ways to turn failure to success are listed below:

  1. Wait on the Lord (Failure to Success#1) — We have to accept the fact that not one person in this world is happy or motivated 24/7. Everyone will feel dejected at one point or another. We make the mistake of being hard on ourselves when we are going through a tough time. Moses was a member of the Royal Household of Egypt for 40 years. Then, his life changed dramatically and he became a shepherd in the desert. It would have been hard for a man who was a prince to be leading sheep around a forsaken desert. However, when God spoke to him, his life changed. So, sometimes we have to wait for hearing God’s still voice so that His purpose for our lives is fulfilled. So, don’t give up hope and be stressed. God will make a way in the wilderness.
  2. Repurposing our Lives (Failure to Success#2) — When failures occur, we tend to overreact or underreact or not react at all. We tend to disbelieve the events that had happened and we become afraid. Our fear makes us distrustful and unempowered. David faced a lot of troubles during his lifetime. The hardships and trials he endured, both physical and mental, would have wrecked any man. However, David’s love for God and his righteous heart which desired to provide the best for the Lord always saved him from utter destruction. He repurposed his life by using those difficult experiences and set himself free from the shackles of self-pity and doubt. Repurposing involves: taking head-on the challenges, becoming committed to new goals, clearing the mind of temptations, developing resilience to adverse events and remarks, building healthy relationships with family members and peers, accepting responsibility for decisions, and being open to God’s actions.
  3. Be Grateful (Failure to Success#3) — One of the hardest things to do when we are going through a failure phase is being grateful. We can never think of thanking God during times of crisis but complain and murmur against God for just about everything that has happened to us. We need to understand that God works in mysterious ways. The failures that we face today may be painful at this moment, but later it will serve only as a tool to help better shape our future. We see many great prophets of God in the Bible who were living examples of being grateful to God during times of struggle, sickness, sorrow, betrayal, famine, and even death. So, be thankful to God for His wonderful love and care He has bestowed on us at all times. God will surely help you, grant you the courage and strength to endure this slump and fill you with peace and happiness.

I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. 2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:1-2

So, when you find yourself staring at uncertainty, know that there is a loving and wise God offering you plenty of support and guidance if you seek Him with all your heart and mind and will turn your failure to success.

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