Noah and the Ark | The Man Who Stood Alone | 3 Useful Lessons

The episode of Noah and the Ark in the Bible teaches us about complete obedience to God and how to fully believe in God’s word no matter what the situation is. Noah was a righteous man who was faithful to God and trusted in His guidance. It reiterates the fact that despite tremendous obstacles, God’s purpose will prevail. The event also shows the eternal compassionate and protective nature of God who exhibits His love to people and shields them from danger despite their sinful and disobedient ways.

3 Lessons From Noah and the Ark

Noah and the Ark, Noah's Ark, Story of Noah in the Bible

The following lessons can be learned from the incident of Noah and the Ark.

  1. It does not matter what people think about our behavior or deeds. We should be obedient to God even if the world concludes that we are crazy. We will never go wrong if we listen to the Almighty One. Our abilities and talents should be used for the Absolute Being’s glorious purposes, and we should not remain stagnant and keep moving in the path laid out for us.
  2. All things are possible with God. We need to trust the Supreme Being to guide us on this Earth though we may not always understand His ways. When God gives us an assignment, He will surely provide the necessary resources and tools to accomplish the tasks. His timing is impeccable. We should derive our strength from God, which is immeasurable and unfathomable.
  3. We should understand that we are not immune to sin, and we grieve the heart of our Creator with our trespasses. We should trust in the grace of the Heavenly Father to redeem us from sin and find favor in His sight by living a righteous and faithful life in this chaotic environment.

The event of Noah and the ark illustrates the patience, tenacity, and resolute devotion of Noah to God amidst confusion, violence, division, and uncertainty. Noah was able to find favor in the Creator’s eyes due to his implicit obedience and was delivered from destruction.

If we are loyal to God’s commandments and follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will be protected and blessed by the living God just as He favored and saved Noah. Being obedient is not a one-time thing. We should practice it over a lifetime of faithful dedication. If we persevere, we will complete our race in this world gloriously and enter the Kingdom of God.

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